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Medical devices are crucial in modern healthcare, enabling precise diagnostics, effective treatments, and improved patient outcomes. Our blog series explores the latest advancements, regulatory considerations, and their impact on patient care, offering insights for healthcare professionals and tech enthusiasts.

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It Begins: How AI Will Make MRI MUCH More Valuable

In the not-too-distant future, AI will change medicine and make radiologists extinct. In fact, several new research studies show that this AI imaging revolution is already quietly happening. Let’s dig in. Current MRI Imaging is Held Back By Having a Human in the Equation Today’s MRI begins with a patient being placed inside a superconducting…read more

Burst Biologics Gets and FDA Warning Letter: Claims vs Reality

Yet another Umbilical Cord product manufacturer has received yet another FDA letter. This time it’s Burst Biologics. I thought today that I would use this as an opportunity to show you the difference between what you can find on the web against the reality of what an FDA inspection found on the ground at the…read more

Are All Hip Replacement Devices Associated with Pseudotumors?

A few years back, I blogged on a research study that looked at masses that were associated with metal-on-metal hip replacement surgeries called pseudotumors. However, now new research shows that these awful side effects may be more common than anyone realized and occur with other types of hip replacement devices as well. In fact, they…read more

Metal Particles Now Found in Arthroscopy Patients

Arthroscopy has been heralded as a minimally invasive technology. In some ways, it has defined modern orthopedic surgery. The ability to see inside the joint using a ball point pen sized arthroscope has helped surgeons and device companies develop more and more clever ways to approximate and cut tissue. One of those is the bone shaver, an…read more
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