Inflammation is the body’s response to injury or infection, characterized by redness, swelling, and pain. It plays a vital role in the immune system’s defense mechanism but can lead to chronic health issues if not properly regulated.

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Is Blocking Acute Inflammation Causing Chronic Pain?

We’ve known for a long time that injecting high-dose steroids into patients to treat pain is a dumb idea. However, that was based on studies showing harm to the local tissues. What if it’s also creating millions of new chronic pain patients? Let’s dig in. Natural and Mega Dose Steroids The issue with medicine’s steroid…read more

What Is Central Sensitization? Does It Impact Procedures?

Central Sensitization is such a critical concept for some patients with chronic pain that it’s just begging for me to cover it, so here goes. So what is Central Sensitization? Why is it important? If you have it, how should you navigate procedures? Let’s dig in. What is Central Sensitization? When you feel pain, those…read more

How Quickly Do You Resolve Inflammation?

Inflammation is a complex subject. On the one hand, it’s how we heal and on the other hand, it’s increasingly how many of us die. So today we’ll explore the concept of resolving inflammation after a procedure and what that tells us about overall health and metabolic problems. Let’s dig in. What Is Inflammation? When…read more

Physiologic Dose Anti-inflammatory Injections

Steroid anti-inflammatory injections can cause tissue damage. Why? Given that the body uses steroids to control inflammation, how could an injection of steroids be bad? Let’s dig in. Anti-inflammatories and the Body Corticosteroids are substances that reduce inflammation. The body uses a corticosteroid called hydrocortisone (Cortisol) at very low levels. How low? 60-230 nanograms per…read more

More Information that High Dose Steroids Are Bad News for Joints

One of the most common orthopedic interventions on earth that collectively occurs more times than any other is a steroid injection into a joint. However, we know that these simple procedures harm joints. Despite that, they are still used millions of times each year. Now new research shows that a steroid injection before a meniscectomy…read more

Can What You Eat Make Your Pain Better?

Food is medicine. Meaning that what you put in your body can affect you just like popping a pill can. However, how far can you take that analogy? For example, can eating the wrong stuff make your back pain better or worse? Let’s find out. Chronic Inflammation and Diet If you had to point to…read more

Steroid Shot Side Effects: Steroid Injections are BAD NEWS

Traditional medicine has a secret addiction that’s hurting patients. Like the addict who just can’t stop, it needs a serious intervention. What are physicians addicted to? Steroids shots that are reimbursed by insurance but that are making patients worse. So let’s dive into steroid shot side effects and find out what all of the traditional…read more

Milk Fat Causes More Aging?

Can drinking whole milk make you age faster? That’s the crazy conclusion of a recent study, but regrettably, nobody seems to have noticed that the study results make no sense or at least tell a different story than the one the news media has been slinging. So let’s dive in. The New Study A recent…read more
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