Elbow Conditions

Elbow conditions cover a range of issues that affect the elbow joint and nearby areas. These can include injuries like fractures or strains, as well as overuse problems like tennis elbow. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, or difficulty moving the arm.

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PRP for Epicondylitis: When Simple Won’t Cut It

We’re now seeing more and more orthopedic surgery offices adding platelet-rich plasma, which is great. However, at the same time, this now presents a new dilemma for patients. Why? Most of the PRP injections being offered in that setting are simple procedures that often miss the mark. Let’s use an elbow epicondylitis example today of…read more

My Elbow and Getting on Top of Early Arthritis

Several years ago I had a really bad fall onto my right wrist. Now my elbow hurts. Let’s learn why that is and how that intersects with staying on top of injuries and knowing when to have us intervene. Let’s dig in. My Elbow Story I’d love to tell you that I was screaming down…read more

Why Tommy John Doesn’t Like the Surgery that Bears His Name

You can’t be around modern baseball and not hear about Tommy John surgery. So what is that surgery and what does it treat? Why is its namesake now increasingly against the procedure? Let’s dig in. What Is Tommy John Surgery? Way back in 1974, a famous pitcher for the LA Dodgers named Tommy John had…read more

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) – Why There’s Absolutely No Need for Surgery

What is Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)? Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term used for tennis elbow which is a painful condition caused by damage or tears in the tendon (common extensor tendon) that attaches the forearm muscle (extensor muscle) to the outside of the elbow bone. Patients suffering from a severe case of tennis elbow…read more

Avoid Ulnar Shortening Surgery: What’s Causing My Pain if It’s Not My Ulna Bone?

A few years back, I blogged on the barbaric procedure known as ulnar shortening. A patient who was about to pull the trigger on this surgery wrote me and wanted me to blog on what could be causing the pain he experiences. Hence, this morning’s blog. What Is Ulnar Variance or a Long Ulna? The…read more

Real Surgery No Better than Fake Surgery for Tennis Elbow?

This is yet another in my ongoing series showing that most elective orthopedic surgery is useless. Meaning that while most of the American public with an injury and pain believe that they are just one surgery away from “fixing” their problem, the research on orthopedic surgery procedures continues to show that for the most part, it’s…read more

Tennis Elbow Surgery vs. Alternative Treatment Options

I get asked all the time by patients, “Should I have surgery for tennis elbow?” So let’s delve into what tennis elbow is and whether surgery is a good idea or the dumbest mistake you’ll ever make. The good news is that in the second decade of the 21st century, you have a lot of options. What…read more

A Golfers Elbow Injection in an NFL Player: Why Regenexx-SD is better than PRP

Can a golfers elbow injection save an elite athlete’s career? Does what’s injected matter? You’ve likely seen the news that many professional athletes have been turning to platelet rich plasma and stem cells to heal injuries more quickly and without the need for season ending surgery. We’ve treated many professional football players through the years…read more
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