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The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in your body. But this mobility comes at a price. The body’s constant struggle to keep the joint stable can cause problems when there’s an injury or degenerative disease.

Most patients considering surgery for a shoulder injury, degenerative condition, or osteoarthritis are looking for pain relief. However, research shows that shoulder surgery isn’t all that effective for many patients.1 While your shoulder MRI could indicate a tear or degeneration, it may not be the cause of pain.2

Regenexx Alternative to Shoulder Surgery

Various types of shoulder injuries may benefit from Regenexx procedures. However, the injuries most often seen by Regenexx physicians are:

  • Rotator cuff tears – Learn more
  • Labrum tears/ SLAP tears – Learn more
  • Shoulder osteoarthritis and degeneration – Learn more
  • Other
    • Shoulder instability 
    • Separated shoulders 
    • Biceps tendon tears 
    • Avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis 
    • Frozen shoulders
Woman in telemedicine consult with physician to see if she's a candidate for Regenexx for knee osteoarthritis.

In many cases the answer is yes. Regenexx has alternatives to shoulder surgery that help your body use its healing abilities to treat pain and promote a more speedy recovery.

Am I a candidate?

Regenexx procedures are non-surgical alternatives that use precise image-guided injections of your body’s own natural healing agents to treat shoulder injuries. These procedures utilize either platelet-rich plasma or your own bone marrow concentrate (contains stem cells) to help you avoid shoulder surgery.

Once you’ve been evaluated, your physician will customize a treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Our precise x-ray and ultrasound-guided injection procedures are supported by more than a decade of experience, published research, and patient outcomes. We maintain an active national patient registry to track patients’ progress and/or side effects after the procedure.

Take a look at the outcomes of two of our patients who chose to have a Regenexx procedure instead of surgery.

Scroll the arrow to the right to see the MRI of the rotator cuff before the treatment and to the left to see the outcome. The BEFORE shows a torn rotator cuff. The arrow points at a gap where the tendon should be. Once treated, the area will look like a dark band going diagonally, as seen on the AFTER.

Patient 1 MRI

Patient 2 MRI

Visual representation of regenerative medicine

Webinar: Alternatives to Shoulder Surgery

Learn the latest about regenerative medicine, and how Regenexx procedures can treat your shoulder injury.

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