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Find a board-certified specialist that can help you treat your orthopedic pain, injury, or condition without surgery. Regenexx procedures are less invasive than surgery, require less downtime, and help reduce the need for pain medications or prescriptions. Only a Regenexx-trained physician can perform these procedures.

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Why consider an appointment with a Regenexx physician?

Physicians in the Regenexx network are highly-skilled musculoskeletal experts. Our providers specialize in orthopedic pain management and sports medicine and are trained in the leading interventional orthopedics techniques. They are the only medical professionals who can perform Regenexx procedures.

Our physicians are:

  • Board-certified orthopedic specialists
  • Skilled in comprehensive evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions
  • Experienced with precise image-guided injections (ultrasound and fluoroscopy)

Do Regenexx procedures really work?

We have been collecting patient outcome data since 2005 and publish the results regularly and publicly. Explore Regenexx procedure outcomes by area of the body treated. See what Regenexx patients report for joint function improvement and pain reduction from a few weeks to years post-procedure.

How do Regenexx physicians determine if Regenexx is right for you?

A Regenexx physician will examine your body in motion, review any imaging you may have (MRI and/or X-Ray), and often use ultrasound to observe the inner workings of the joint in real-time. By doing so, your doctor can get a much more accurate picture of what has contributed to your pain, how function has been affected, and ultimately, the root cause of your pain.

After reviewing your injury or condition, the doctor will consider your specific needs and analyze the details of your injury to determine your candidacy for a Regenexx nonsurgical procedure.

Your Regenexx physician will then customize a treatment plan and discuss options with you. Treatment plans may include:

  • Regenexx-SD: A patented protocol using bone marrow concentrate that contains stem cells
  • Regenexx SCP: A proprietary formulation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that’s more concentrated than what a basic bedside centrifuge machine can produce
  • Regenexx-PL: Platelet lysate, which is a highly specialized derivative of platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Are Regenexx procedures the same as “stem cell therapy” or “stem cell procedures”?

Regenexx does not call its procedures “stem cell procedures.” Unfortunately, that term has been co-opted by sellers of products which are manufactured from birth tissue (typically amniotic fluid or membrane), and then bottled, labeled as “stem cells”, and then shipped nationwide to be blindly injected by providers with little or no qualifications.

In an effort to distance ourselves from those products and reduce confusion for our patients, we avoid using “stem cell” on our website, although it may come up from time to time. Learn more about our approach.

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