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How to Tell if Knee Arthritis X-rays After Chiropractic Stem Cell Therapy Are Fake

One of the big selling points of many chiropractic clinic seminars on “stem cell” therapy is that the therapy will regrow cartilage in severe knee arthritis. This is interesting, as the clinics are actually using dead stem cells, and no expert in this area I have spoken to has ever seen this occur in any…
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More Evidence that Knee Meniscus Surgery Causes Arthritis

You gotta love medicine. In no other profession would something that has been shown to be ineffective continue to be done. As an example, we’ve known for years now that knee meniscus surgery doesn’t work. Despite that, it’s still the most common knee procedure in the United States. We also have some research to show…
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Hip Arthritis X-Ray Not Associated with Pain?

I love studies that question our belief systems in orthopedics, and this new one is a doozy. Several years ago, orthopedic guidelines shifted from requiring a knee or hip MRI to recommend a knee or hip replacement to just requiring X-rays. Now, a new study questions whether that’s a smart idea. Basically, it didn’t find an…
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Culture Expanded Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis

I evaluated an interesting patient down at our Cayman Islands advanced stem cell practice site recently in that his MRI changes were fascinating. While I see patients every day who are improving and have great stories, many times I just don’t have the time to write up what’s happening. However, every once in a while,…
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Hip Arthritis Getting Worse? New Research Says It Could Be the Bone

Is your hip arthritis getting worse? In addition to cartilage breakdown, your bone could also be deteriorating. A bright spot (or dark spot depending on the imaging sequence used) on the bone on MRI is called a bone marrow lesion (BML, also called a BME which means bone marrow edema). It’s an area in the…
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What’s Hiding on Your Hip Arthritis MRI?

Is there a secret hiding in your hip arthritis MRI that you should know about but your doctor likely missed? I’ve observed for years that many patients with hip arthritis have problems in their low back nerves and many don’t know about it because all they feel is pain in their hip. There’s also a…
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Osteoarthritis Pain Not Related to Structure – Again…

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? That’s what it felt like when I came across a study this proving – again – that OA pain is not related to structure. At  issue here is the orthopedic paradigm that pain IS related to structure; that MRI findings like meniscus tears and cartilage damage associated with arthritis are the cause…
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Explain My Knee Arthritis X-ray: The Urban Myth…

This weekend I was doing some U.S. National of Library Medicine research for an advanced lab project and came across some great papers and graphs on knee arthritis. Most patients come into my office with an imaging study in hand, believing that it is very important in their quest for less knee pain. As I’ve…
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