Platelet Lysate

Explore Platelet Lysate, an advanced orthobiologic derived from platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Discover its specialized concentration of growth factors particularly beneficial for back and spine treatments but also applicable to various other orthopedic procedures.

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Why Fixing My Back Can Help You Fix Yours

I’ve had chronic off-and-on back issues for many years. However, recently, I got a little crazy with lifting an impossibly heavy object and needed an updated treatment. However, I discovered my new diagnosis late. That error will hopefully help you fix your low back. Let me dig in. My Bad Back History When I was…read more

The Alien Abduction Model of DDD: Why Cellular Drug Trial Results Have Been Underwhelming

Let’s say that you’re sleeping one night and get awoken by an alien in your bedroom who takes you back to the mothership for experiments on your low back. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing with animal degenerative disc disease research for decades. It’s this artificial DDD model that has caused many cell therapy…read more

Can a Large Cervical Disc Bulge Be Treated with Platelets?

Just 5 years ago, the spine cases that I would accept for treatment with precise image-guided orthobiologics were determined by the severity of the MRI. Meaning more severe cases of disc bulges, stenosis, and degeneration were turned down and told to seek surgery. However, as time when on, some cases seemed to break that mold…read more

Avoiding Surgery In CrossFit Athletes with Herniated Disc

In this article: Crossfit herniated disc injury Avoiding surgery PRP treatment and results A herniated disc is usually one of those things that just happen, either due to trauma or an “oops” moment. Prior to 2000, it was almost a sure thing you would have surgery to fix it, but that’s changed quite a bit…read more

What Is a Proper Diagnostic Block Headache Work-up?

There are so many structures in the neck and head that can cause headaches that it’s almost tough to find them all and put them on a big list. However, after having many patients with chronic headaches come into the office and claim that after a simple Occipital Nerve Block that they have had a…read more

What Is Thoracic Radiculopathy?

What is Thoracic Radiculopathy? How is it diagnosed and treated? Dr. Google says this one is rare, but not based on what we have seen in the past few decades of experience with this diagnosis. Let’s dig in. What Is Thoracic Radiculopathy? The thoracic spine is your upper back, as shown below. Radiculopathy means that…read more

Steroid vs. Platelet Lysate Epidurals: One Woman’s 10-Year+ Result

Epidural steroid injections for sciatica have been a mainstay of treatment for many years. However, while they generally work, they have some serious downsides. Hence, more than a decade ago we changed to using the patient’s own growth factors to treat irritated spinal nerves. A patient I just saw this week is a great demonstration…read more

Could This Be a New Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

On this page: What is trigeminal neuralgia? Symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia Standard treatments for trigeminal neuralgia New treatment for trigeminal neuralgia A case study for the new treatment At Regenexx we’ve had lots of regenerative medicine firsts. Now that could include a new treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. Let’s dig in. What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia? What…read more
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