Joint Injuries

Joint injuries involve damage to the structures surrounding the joints, such as ligaments, tendons, or cartilage, often resulting from trauma, overuse, or degeneration. They can lead to pain, swelling, and reduced mobility, requiring prompt diagnosis and appropriate management to facilitate healing and restore function.

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The Regen Med Engineering Flowchart

I was checking out Facebook this morning and this flowchart came up. Not only did I LOL, but since it reminded me of the one we use for advanced RegenMed and since 99% of practicing physicians still haven’t figured this out, if you as a patient or physician understand it, you’re ahead of the game.…read more

1 in 3 Unstable Ankles Has Cartilage Damage

Many people have sprained their ankles a few times in their lives. As they age, they begin to notice pain after exercise, and most ignore that pain. Now a new study shows that in 1 in 3 ankles where the ligaments are loose, there is already cartilage damage. The Ankle Ligaments The main ankle ligaments…read more

How to Interpret the Different Trajectories of Ligament Healing

We can now help many ligament injuries heal through precise injections rather than surgery. Most patients do great, but some are left trying to read the tea leaves of their recovery pattern to see how this impacts their future. So let’s review most of the possible outcomes and learn from them. My Ligament Healing History…read more

The Popliteus Muscle: A Little Muscle with a HUGE Impact

I love writing about what I experience on a day-by-day basis. This weekend, I was sitting awhile and went to get up and had lateral knee pain. Misery followed and it took me a day or so to find the culprit. So let’s learn today about the Popliteus muscle, a tiny thing that can screw…read more

What Is Capsular Distension?

One of the procedures we perform is capsular distension. What is this and why is it done? Let’s dig in. Understanding How Joints Move and Can Lose Motion Joints like the hip and shoulder are ball in socket joints surrounded by a covering called a joint capsule. In order to get needed motion, the joint…read more

What is Intersection Syndrome?

Intersection syndrome is a diagnosis that’s given to patients with a painful condition of the forearm and wrist. What causes this problem? How is it diagnosed? Can it be treated? If so, how? What is Intersection Syndrome? Intersection syndrome is defined by pain on the back thumb side of the wrist. This can occur in…read more

Types of Deltoid Ligament Injuries

On this page: What is the deltoid ligament? What is a sprain of the deltoid ligament? How do you check the deltoid ligament? What are the treatment options? Patient story of a deltoid ligament injury While most of us have heard of an outside ankle sprain, can you also have problems with the inside ankle…read more

Sports Hernia Surgery?

I’ve seen numerous patients throughout the years who have undergone sports hernia surgery (aka surgery for “athletic pubalgia”) and it’s failed. Hence, let’s explore what this diagnosis is, what’s likely causing it, and what this surgery entails. Let’s dig in. What is Sports Hernia (Athletic Pubalgia)? A sports hernia (aka athletic pubalgia) is pain in…read more
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