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Stem Cell Supplements

If you search online for stem cell supplements, you’re bound to find a long list. Figuring out what to make of all of these supplements can be pretty daunting, as each claims to be the best and greatest. Hence, I thought I would perform a deep dive into how various supplements and plant extracts impact…
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Does Curcumin Work: The Business of Science vs. Curcumin

University scientists can’t stand supplements. They’re messy and natural and not controlled by universities. This week a review paper was published by pharmaceutical chemists claiming that the supplement Curcumin doesn’t work. This is despite a good deal of recent research showing that Curcumin seems to work well clinically. So with conflicting information, does Curcumin work?…
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Is Chronic Inflammation Causing Us to Age Faster?

A couple of weeks ago, I covered a study on aging that gave us a glimpse into one possible reason energy production in our cells tends to decrease as we get older. The answer was found in our mitochondria, the power supply of our cells. As a particular protein level declines, it may be leading…
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How a Bad Study Can Teach You the Right Way to Take Curcumin

University professors sometimes do silly things, like spend loads of money on a study with a bad design. However, reviewing one such experiment that was recently reported by the BBC, on how curcumin can reduce DNA methylation will help you understand the right and the wrong way to take the supplement curcumin as well as understand…
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Does Fish Oil Improve Reading Skills in Children?

I have a son who had difficulty reading due to dyslexia, a brilliant thinker who saw letters and words like we would see upside down Chinese characters. During that harrowing ordeal, which was eventually solved by the wonderful Lindamood-Bell program, I learned the sobering statistic that literacy rates in elementary school predict the prison census…
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Fish Oil and Exercise Together May Produce Better Workouts!

I’ve blogged extensively on research showing that fish oil can help many different things—from your heart to your joint pain. Now a new study suggests that the relationship between fish oil and exercise may be more beneficial than we knew. Let me explain. Why Is Fish Oil a Big Deal? Fish oil contains omega fatty…
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Need a Supplement for Cartilage Protection and Support? Make Sure It Has Resveratrol

If you are taking a stem cell supplement for cartilage protection or arthritis, it’s a good idea to make sure it contains high-quality Resveratrol. Why? A number of studies suggest that Resveratrol protects cartilage cells, and cartilage loss or damage leads to arthritis. A good stem cell supplement with Resveratrol is designed for people who have joint pain and…
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