Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are commonly used to alleviate orthopedic pain by reducing inflammation, providing temporary relief for weeks or months. While they offer short-term symptom relief, they may also affect the body’s natural healing mechanisms and tissue health. It is important to consider both the benefits and potential drawbacks when considering steroid injections for pain management.

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Treating the Cervical Spine Like It’s 1999!

If you read this blog, you know I often write as a type of catharsis. I see something in our medical care system that seems so nutty that if I don’t write about it, I’ll explode. This morning, a poor, dizzy patient in Australia was being treated like he lived in the last century, not…read more

Do IV “Stem Cells” Make Sense for Orthopedic Problems?

Many clinics are offering IV “stem cells” to treat orthopedic problems. Does this make sense? No. Please share this infographic with your friends or family who are considering these treatments!

When Milligrams Are Toxic: Corticosteroids and Tissue Damage

Many physicians are addicted to using steroids despite research showing they damage orthopedic tissues like joints and tendons. However, this is just a problem of not understanding the proper dose to use, which has been caused by institutional momentum. Let’s dig into how these drugs cause havoc in the body and how they could be…read more

Radiofrequency Neurotomy of the Knee: What Could Go Wrong?

Radiofrequency is a technology I’ve covered many times on this blog. It’s basically a way for doctors to burn away the nerves causing pain. It’s becoming increasingly popular in the knee, so let’s review that today. In addition, we’ll review combing RF of the knee nerves with orthobiologics and whether that makes sense. What is…read more

Traditional Medicine’s Approach to Treating Knee Arthritis is Blowing Up

Three new studies have recently been added to many others that our current traditional treatment of knee arthritis is probably hurting more people than it’s helping. So let’s explore this morning what’s up. Let’s also explore how you can protect yourself from the medical care system potentially making your arthritis worse. What are the Most…read more

The Morality Test of Platelet-Rich Plasma vs Corticosteroids

IMHO corticosteroid use in knee arthritis has become a giant medical morality test. We know the stuff is toxic, but physicians can’t help themselves from injecting it because it’s covered by insurance companies. Now that PRP is here and known to be effective, this sets up an interesting duality as there is now a better…read more

Steroids for Asthma Now Associated with Brain Atrophy

High-dose corticosteroids are the most commonly used substance in medicine. There are literally hundreds of clinical diagnoses from asthma to joint pain to chronic skin rashes that will cause you to leave a doctor’s office with a steroid shot or prescription. Despite this common use, we’ve known for many decades that these drugs are trouble.…read more

Playing With Knee Steroid Data, Et Tu Harvard?

A few years back a seminal paper was published showing what many physicians knew was an issue, that mega-dose steroids destroy knee cartilage (1). However, this was a HUGE problem for many physicians who have been injecting this stuff with wild abandon for many years. Hence, it was only a matter of time before papers…read more
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