CCI and DMX: Can You Still Have Instability with a Normal DMX? What Is a False Negative?

You can’t beat movement-based imaging for finding Cervical Instability. However, all imaging has a false-negative rate. Let’s discuss that and learn about instability in the process. Let’s dig in. What Is Instability? If you had to choose a single concept of what goes wrong in the spine as the most important thing you should know,…read more

Headaches, Blind Men, and an Elephant

Headaches are one of the most confusing problems for patients searching for solutions. Like the elephant and the blind men in the famous parable, each medical specialty seems to have a completely different way of conceptualizing this problem. Let’s dig in. Blind Men and an Elephant This is the parable from Wikipedia: “The parable of…read more

Ultrasound of the Living Spinal Cord

This morning I would like to share a video of an ultrasound of the Spinal Cord. I happened on this unique view last year and I finally asked my assistant to save a video clip. Let’s dig in. What Is the Spinal Cord? The Spinal Cord is often thought of as the main bundle of…read more

Using Upright Cervical MRI to Diagnose CCI

Neck MRI is often an art and there are units that allow the patient to be imaged while sitting or standing. Today we’ll get into why these units can be very helpful and how that impacts the diagnosis of Craniocervical Instability or CCI. Let’s dig in. What Is CCI? CCI stands for Craniocervical Instability. That…read more

Jugular Vein Compression Due to the Neck and CCI

Can your neck compress critical blood vessels and cause other symptoms? Yes, it can and one of the most common causes is Craniocervical Instability or CCI causing C2 to compress the internal Jugular Vein. What is Jugular Vein Compression? How exactly does it happen? What can be done? Let’s dig in. What Is the Jugular…read more

Understanding Functional Levels in CCI

Our Colorado HQ has become a worldwide treatment site to help Craniocervical Instability patients avoid invasive fusion surgery. In decades of treating these patients, I’ve noticed that patients with this condition have very different levels. To ensure that everyone’s on the same page in understanding which type of patient is being treated, I’ve developed my…read more

New Craniocervical Instability Book!

Craniocervical Instability or CCI is one one the most confusing topics in medicine to research online. Why? There are only a few pockets of information that all appear to be diametrically opposed to each other. Hence, like I’ve done a few times now, I wrote a book to try and get good information all in…read more

The Vagus Nerve, Neck Pain, Anxiety, Headaches, and Depression

On this page: The function of the vagus nerve Neck pain and the vagus nerve Other symptoms of an irritated vagus nerve We’ve seen neck pain patients for years with lots of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Many have suffered from depression, anxiety, headaches, and some even cardiac problems like runs of tachycardia. So what’s causing all…read more
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