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Our Study on the PICL Procedure for Craniocervical Instability

We have an open study on the new PICL procedure to treat craniocervical instability. Given that the procedure is delivered at no charge and we have seen great interest in this type of treatment, I thought it was important to get this out there. Let’s dig in. What is CCI and the PICL Procedure? CCI…
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The Vagus Nerve, Neck Pain, Anxiety, Headaches, and Depression

On this page: The function of the vagus nerve Neck pain and the vagus nerve Other symptoms of an irritated vagus nerve We’ve seen neck pain patients for years with lots of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Many have suffered from depression, anxiety, headaches, and some even cardiac problems like runs of tachycardia. So what’s causing all…
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What Is Craniocervical Instability (CCI)?

On this page: Causes of craniocervical instability CCI symptoms Diagnosing craniocervical instability Treatments for CCI Cervical refers to the neck and instability that a joint or spinal segment moves around too much (1). When a person suffers from craniocervical instability or CCI, the strong ligaments that hold their head to their upper neck are lax…
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Craniocervical Instability Measurements

Did you know that some people have problems with the ligaments that hold their head on? These patients often become like a pinball in the great arcade game of medical specialists, going from one to the other without a diagnosis. They can sometimes find a diagnosis if they meet a doctor who knows which tests…
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Prolotherapy for CCJ Instability: Keeping Patients Safe

Patients with craniocervical joint (CCJ) instability will often be offered prolotherapy injections. While much of this is performed blind, some physicians will use guidance. However, while guidance is used, many times it’s not used with contrast. Why is this an issue? Let me explain. What Is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is one of the earliest regenerative-medicine procedures. It…
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Are You a Candidate for Our Novel CCJ Instability Procedure?

This past year we were the first clinic in the world to begin offering a first-of-its-kind direct stem cell treatment for the alar, transverse, and accessory ligaments that make up the craniocervical junction, or CCJ. Given that the only other option that seems to work for these CCJ instability patients is a very, very invasive…
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