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Is Your Doctor’s Practice Patient or Insurance Focused?

I like writing about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. This morning there’s a nice debate on one of my Linkedin posts on the two different practice models that have been evolving: insurance versus patient-focused care. Hence, let’s dive into this issue this morning. The Problem I see patients all day every day who…read more

The RegenLabs Saga Continues…

Frankly, at this point, my favorite saying, “You just can’t make this stuff up” keeps proving true so often, that even I’m astounded. This morning we’ll delve deeper into a company that I thought frankly would be long since gone by now, but continues to impress me with what I consider hijinks and insanity. So…read more

The High Volume Pain Clinic Problem or “Churn and Burn”

There’s a disturbing trend recently covered by a news piece I just read. While I had planned on another blog this morning, when you try to write almost every day, you have to go with what gets you going. Today that’s the high-volume Pain Clinics that have been springing up all over the country. Let’s…read more

MiMedx Reports Results of FDA Trials: Does This Spell Trouble?

Does amniotic tissue help knee arthritis pain? That’s been an open question for some time. Thankfully this question is beginning to get answered by FDA clinical trials, the earliest of which are now beginning to report results. One such report this week could spell trouble for the other half dozen companies involved in knee arthritis…read more

US Stem Cell Loses Appeal

US Stem Cell has been featured many times on this blog. In an unsurprising move, an appeals court just upheld a lower court decision on the concept that adipose stromal vascular fraction prepared in a doctor’s office is a drug that can be regulated by the FDA. This ruling also contains an interesting easter egg…read more

Should Naturopaths Be Able to Perform Complex Spinal Procedures?

I’ve covered this issue a few times on this blog. We have naturopaths with limited medical training who are performing complex interventional spine and surgical procedures. As I have reviewed their practice acts, IMHO many are violating these acts, but the medical boards that could stop this are asleep at the wheel. Let’s dig in.…read more

The Insurance Coverage Bioethics Dilemma

There a raging controversy among physicians since the advent of orthobiologics that I would like to explore. Should a doctor push a patient towards something that may work, but is a bad or “less good” option solely because there is insurance coverage? What ethical responsibility does the physician have to recommend all options and encourage…read more

New Craniocervical Instability Book!

Craniocervical Instability or CCI is one one the most confusing topics in medicine to research online. Why? There are only a few pockets of information that all appear to be diametrically opposed to each other. Hence, like I’ve done a few times now, I wrote a book to try and get good information all in…read more
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