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Women in The Tour de France and Interventional Orthobiologics

Dr. Hyzy in our Regenexx HQ in Colorado recently got an email from an aging athlete who returned to ride the Tour de France after riding it in the 80s. I didn’t know much about the history of women in the Tour and this was an inspiring story, so I thought I would write about…read more

The Alien Abduction Model of DDD: Why Cellular Drug Trial Results Have Been Underwhelming

Let’s say that you’re sleeping one night and get awoken by an alien in your bedroom who takes you back to the mothership for experiments on your low back. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing with animal degenerative disc disease research for decades. It’s this artificial DDD model that has caused many cell therapy…read more

Mark’s Rotator Cuff Tear and Amazing Bench Press

I’m an amateur weightlifter. Meaning I got to a certain point of strength and decided that my aging body and frame had hit their max. However, I have great respect for the guys that have the desire and frame to really explore what the human body is capable of lifting. Hence, I’d like to highlight…read more

Tony Robbins Life Force Review

I’ve been getting lots of emails lately about the Tony Robbins book “Life Force”. It’s always interesting as a physician to get bombarded by patients with what sounds like misinformation, but since you haven’t looked at the source, you’re not sure how to respond. In fact, patients come in with new things every day, so…read more

Centeno Schultz Clinic Reviews

As you may know, our HQ clinic where Regenexx began is in Colorado. Hence, I’d like to focus on Centeno Schultz Clinic reviews. Let’s dig in. CSC or Centeno Schultz Clinic The Centeno-Schultz Clinic is where Regenexx began in 2005. It houses many things you simply won’t find in any other clinic on earth such…read more

Blogging from the Caymans Again after 2 Years!

For many years, every three months I would have a blog where I announced being down in the Caymans. However, due to the pandemic, I haven’t been down here in 2 years as of this month. So let’s dig into what Cayman is all about when it comes to Orthobiologics. Closed for Two Years? It…read more

Registry Data Analysis: What We Do at Regenexx that Doesn’t Exist Elsewhere

There’s a super fascinating story about how mathematicians helped armor WWII bombers that can teach us about how to interpret Registry data in Orthobiologics. Let’s learn about how that impacts how we analyze our Registry data to help chose who should get our procedures. Let’s dig in. A WWII Bomber Problem For the pilots of…read more

Why Can’t We Be Friends? A Regenative Labs Update

It seems like such a simple missive, “Why can’t we be friends?” Who could possibly disagree with that concept? This is what a company called “Regenative Labs” has been pinging me with on LinkedIn. What’s that all about and how could I possibly refuse? Let’s dig in. Regenative Pings Me Several weeks ago, I started…read more
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