Surgical Conversion Rates

Surgical conversion rates refer to the percentage of cases where a planned non-surgical procedure is converted to a surgical procedure during the course of treatment. This conversion may occur due to various factors such as unexpected complications, inadequate response to conservative treatments, or changes in the patient’s condition.

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Expectations vs. Reality: The HUGE Difference Between What Surgical Patients Believe and Reality

I love blogging about what I experience. This month a kid hurt his finger and ended up with a surgery that didn’t need to happen. As I contemplated why that occurred, I came across research on the difference between surgical expectations and reality. In addition, if we are ever able to bend the Orthopedic cost…read more

Which Regenexx Procedures Fail the Most?

In the Wild West of stem cells, most of what you see are either fictional outcomes that are really customer satisfaction surveys or testimonials by social media influencers. One thing you never see is anything like today’s blog where a company offering orthobiologic treatments discusses its failures. So let’s dig into this topic. Real Procedures…read more

Laser Back Surgery vs. Traditional Spine Surgery

Is LASER surgery a back surgery alternative? The picture above of Dr. Evil is arguably the world’s most famous air quote. He does this as he describes the laser he has placed on the moon to disintegrate the earth. I feel a little like making this air quote as I speak to some patients about “LASER” Spine…read more
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