Regenexx SCP Procedures

A non-surgical procedure developed and used by Regenexx which involves autologous “super concentrated platelets,” otherwise called “highly concentrated PRP.” Regenexx’s proprietary lab processing removes nearly all white and red blood cells from the autologous blood sample, resulting in a greater opportunity for your body to improve in pain and function, with less inflammation and swelling. The difference between Regenexx SCP and other varieties of PRP is visible. While PRP is reddish in color because of its higher red blood cell count, Regenexx’s SCP is thicker and more amber in color due to its higher percentage of cells and growth factors.

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How Many Patients Get PRP vs. BMC?

A big question I get from patients is should I get PRP or a Bone Marrow Concentrate procedure? This morning we’ll go over data from our treatment registry that shows what tens of thousands of patients have gotten since 2005. Let’s dig in. PRP vs BMC PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. That’s concentrated blood platelets…read more

Labral Tears and a Track Athlete – Surgery on Kids

On my Facebook Live show “You’ve Got the Power” on Friday I spoke about how crazy it is that we continue to offer aggressive orthopedic surgery to young athletes. Today I’d like to highlight one who avoided hip labral surgery. Let’s dig in. Why Are We Operating on Kids? One of the big differences in…read more

How Do Stem Cells Get from Point A to B?

We’ve known for some time that stem cells can migrate to places they need to be as long as they’re placed in the right general area, but how does that work? Now a Stanford team has figured this out. Let’s dig in. Stem Cells Are Magic? One of the things that drives me crazy is…read more

Considering a PRP Injection? Please Read This…

PRP treatment has become a big deal this past decade. It’s being used by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. So what is a PRP injection and does it work? Let’s dig in. What is PRP? PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is created by taking blood and concentrating the platelets in plasma (1). Why…read more

Want to Shorten High Ankle Sprain Recovery Time? Get Your Platelets Injected for a Faster Recovery

High ankle sprain recovery time can be long because the ankle is often unstable. PRP or platelet rich plasma has been a hot topic in orthopedic care this past few years. While PRP has been shown to help tendonitis better than traditional steroid treatments, one big question was whether it could be used to get…read more

Hip Pain after a Hip Replacement: Helping a Patient with Blood Platelets and Stem Cells

Hip replacement pain after one year? ML is a 69 year old woman who we first evaluated in June and who now claims we have performed a “miracle”. I don’t know if I would use the same terms other than we were able to get to an accurate diagnosis of what was wrong. Prior to having a…read more

Understanding what Happens when a Torn Knee Meniscus Displaces

A doctor discusses what happens when knee surgery causes the meniscus to tear and displace outside the joint. An innovative non-surgical treatment for this problem is discussed.
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