PRP injection

A PRP injection involves the administration of platelet-rich plasma, a treatment derived from the patient’s blood, into the affected area to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. This procedure is commonly used in orthopedic and sports medicine to address musculoskeletal injuries, osteoarthritis, and other conditions.

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SI Joint Fusion: A Case Study of Why Healthcare Costs Are Out of Control

If you’re a company in the healthcare cost containment space, your chances of seriously bending down the cost curve are slim, and none, and “Slim’s on vacation in Texas.” What I mean is that many great ventures have tried to control healthcare costs, and all have failed to make meaningful dents because they approach the…read more

Is Adding HA to PRP for Knee OA Worth the Cost?

One of my jobs at Regenexx is ensuring that our corporate partners spend insurance money wisely on orthobiologics. Basically, the money they’re spending is helping patients avoid more expensive procedures. One of the more popular add-ons to PRP is hyaluronic acid (HA). Is this worth the additional cost? If it makes PRP better, how much…read more

Is Multiple Dose PRP to Treat Knee OA Cost Effective for Health Plan Coverage vs Single Dose?

As the CMO for Regenexx, it’s my job to thread the needle between access to ground-breaking interventional orthobiologics treatments via a self-funded health plan and wasting an employer’s money by authorizing care that we know doesn’t work or doesn’t work well enough compared to traditional surgery. This past year, I have been asked several times…read more

2024 Regenexx Infographics

For the new year, I wanted to post a series of infographics that I have been creating. These are very focused on helping patients either understand high from low-quality orthobiologics offerings or help them make key decisions like whether they should get surgery or an invasive procedure versus a precise, guided orthobiologic injection instead. Each…read more

I’ve Returned and So Apparently Are the Neck Multifidus Muscles after Exercise!

I’ve been out for six weeks sailing the Med. It was another great trip and a much-needed break for an old guy! Today, let’s cover a new study that shows that cervical multifidus muscle atrophy can be recovered with exercise. Getting Back If you recall, we are on a four-year journey to sail the Mediterranean,…read more

2023 PRP RCT Infographic and Study Failure Analysis

Almost every year, I try to spend significant time diving into the literature on interventional orthobiologics and summarizing it. This helps me understand where we are in the evolution of the literature and hopefully provides some insight into what’s working and what’s not. This year I summarized the entire published literature on PRP injections for…read more

Disc Injections With Platelet Raisins and Protein Syrup

The last blog I published was on the mounting evidence for using PRP to treat the common causes of spinal pain. However, in that literature review, one study stood out. That research was abruptly halted at eight weeks, which was curious. As I sat down to read and analyze this paper in more detail, it…read more

When Milligrams Are Toxic: Corticosteroids and Tissue Damage

Many physicians are addicted to using steroids despite research showing they damage orthopedic tissues like joints and tendons. However, this is just a problem of not understanding the proper dose to use, which has been caused by institutional momentum. Let’s dig into how these drugs cause havoc in the body and how they could be…read more
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