Overuse conditions

Overuse conditions refer to injuries or strains caused by repetitive or excessive stress on a particular part of the body, often resulting from activities such as sports, manual labor, or repetitive movements. These conditions can lead to pain, inflammation, and reduced function in the affected area.

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Labral Tears and a Track Athlete – Surgery on Kids

On my Facebook Live show “You’ve Got the Power” on Friday I spoke about how crazy it is that we continue to offer aggressive orthopedic surgery to young athletes. Today I’d like to highlight one who avoided hip labral surgery. Let’s dig in. Why Are We Operating on Kids? One of the big differences in…read more

Why Do I Have Joint Pain After Exercise?

On this page: Controlling chronic inflammation Treatment with growth factors Being ProActive Many of us experience muscle tightness and soreness after exercise, but why do some of our joints ache after exercise? For me it’s my left knee and shoulder; for you maybe it’s your hip or ankle. When your joint aches, it’s because more…read more
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