Stem Cell Banking

Stem cell banking involves the collection and preservation of stem cells from various sources, such as umbilical cord blood or adipose tissue, for potential future use in medical treatments. This process offers the opportunity to store valuable stem cells for potential therapeutic applications.

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GoodCell Biobanking? An Insurance Policy or Something Else?

As you know, I tend to write about what I experience daily. In my news feed this week, an ad popped up for “Good Cells,” and clicking through, I discovered that this was a blood-based biobanking service. Hence, I thought I would review the concept and some of the claims while educating about stem cells…read more

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Review: StemVive from Utah Cord Bank

We’ve been testing amniotic and umbilical cord products since 2015. In that time we have tested all types currently on the market, and despite the wild claims of birth tissue vendors and physicians that these products contain many live and functional mesenchymal stem cells, they have all had none. Today we add a Wharton’s jelly product…read more
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