SI Joint

The sacroiliac (SI) joint connects the sacrum to the ilium in the pelvis, providing stability and transferring forces between the spine and the lower body. Dysfunction or injury to the SI joint can result in lower back pain, buttock pain, and radiating discomfort into the legs.

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Does PRP Work to Treat SI Joint Pain?

The addition of Orthobiologics to Interventional Pain Management changes the playing field, but only if you recognize that these substances allow for a different type of treatment paradigm. Today we’ll highlight a study that shows that issue and go over the evidence behind PRP and SI joint pain. Let’s dig in. What Is the SI…read more

Minimally Invasive and Maximally Destructive

One of the things that I am increasingly uncomfortable with is the new and manifold ways my colleagues are finding to permanently destroy tissue using minimally invasive procedures. What I mean is that there is a trend to take destructive surgeries and turn them into procedures that can be performed by pain management physicians using…read more

SI Joint Fusion Complications? Why Are We Doing this to Patients?

One of the biggest issues I see is how easily interventional pain physicians have been lured in by quasi-spine surgeries that they know are bad for their patients. A case in point is SI fusion. Let’s dig into SI joint fusion complications through a case posted on LinkedIn. What Is the SI Joint? The acronym…read more

SI Bone? Is This a Good Thing to Do to a Patient?

There’s a treatment for SI joint instability made by a company called SI bone which makes a minimally invasive implant that is, in my opinion, a maximally invasive way to treat SI joint instability. Recently I stumbled across public FDA documents on the disturbing complications reported for this procedure that was eye-opening. Let’s dig in.…read more

SI Joint Fusion: Does This Work?

The Rise of Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion Surgery I have been following with interest the rise of SI Joint fusion surgery. This has exploded over the last five years. So what does SI Joint fusion look like? Can SI Joint dysfunction be cured? How successful is SI Joint fusion? Are there better and less invasive…read more

The Top 3 Causes for Butt Pain

The idiom “pain in the butt” is a common one, typically used when someone or something is particularly annoying; however, butt pain is very real, and when it happens to you, it’s not only annoying but can also be severely painful and disabling. There are three common causes we frequently see in the clinic in…read more

My Letter About How SI Joint Fusion Likely Won’t Help Patients in the Long Run

I’ve blogged a few times about why I think the new “minimally invasive” SI joint fusion is not a good treatment option. After that I was asked by a professional organization in Oregon to write a letter explaining my views to their Health Evidence Review Commission, which is considering coverage for the device. This is that…read more

SI Joint Fusion Results and Review

This week I’ve been exchanging emails with a surgeon who does SI joint fusions. It’s been interesting as I’ve been seeing more and more advertising by a company pushing expensive, minimally invasive sacroiliac fusion devices. The surgeon didn’t like a post I did while back on the SI joint fusion technology, so I decided to…read more
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