Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is characterized by the narrowing of the spinal canal, leading to compression of the spinal cord and nerves, resulting in symptoms such as pain, numbness, and weakness in the arms or legs. It can cause significant discomfort and functional limitations, often requiring medical intervention to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life.

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Analyzing CCI Procedure Failures: The SpaceX Approach

[The above video is a summary of this blog.] In any real medical procedure, there are always analyses of why patients fail to respond. This week I went through that process for a unique procedure I developed to help patients suffering from Craniocervical Instability (CCI). Let’s dig into that analysis and learn what it tells…read more

Is American Cell Technology the Second Coming of US Stem Cell?

One of more interesting and not helpful chapters in regenerative medicine was when a company called US Stem Cell blinded three patients by injecting fat stem cells into their eyes. The company last year lost its battle with the FDA and let go of their fake Ph.D. Chief Science Officer, but recently a colleague asked…read more

Spinal Fusion Complications

Spinal fusion complications are surprisingly common, yet it’s big business. So how successful are these surgeries? How long does it take to recover? What are the complications and how often do they actually happen? What is a Spinal Fusion and Why Is It Done? Spinal fusion is a surgery where the surgeon uses bone and/or…read more

Can You Avoid Spinal Stenosis Surgery?

How do you avoid spinal stenosis surgery? How effective is spinal stenosis surgery? How dangerous is spinal stenosis surgery? How long is recovery after spinal stenosis surgery? What activities should be avoided with spinal stenosis? Is walking bad for spinal stenosis? Let’s dig in. What is Spinal Stenosis? When you hear a doctor say “spinal…read more

Lumbar Stenosis Treatment Without Surgery

One of the more amazing changes in our spine practice over the last several years has been on how we look at lumbar stenosis. I’ve gone from referring almost all of these patients to surgery to referring very few. Why? We reimagined what was going on with these patients. Lumbar stenosis treatment without surgery is…read more

Can Obesity Turn Your Spine Ligaments Into Inflexible Bone?

We know that being overweight places us at all sorts of enhanced risks for various serious diseases. We also know that it adversely impacts your spine and joints not only because of the extra forces but also because of chemical influences. New research has a new risk for the spine: your ligaments may turn to…read more

Is Fusing the Neck Needed? New Study Raises More Questions

Considering a neck fusion? Tens of thousands of patients a year find themselves making the same decision. Now a new study raises more questions about neck fusion to treat spinal cord compression. Understanding Cervical Spinal Cord Compression Cervical spondylotic myelopathy means that there is a compression of the spinal cord in the neck by bone…read more

What You Need to Know Before Signing Up for Spinal Decompression

Much of modern back surgery is about solving one problem and then creating two others. Spinal decompression is no different. So let’s dive into this topic. Spinal Decompression Addresses One Problem but Creates Another Spinal decompression (aka laminectomy) damages local stabilizing muscles, so it is yet another procedure that in most cases I would label…read more
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