Regenexx SD Procedure

A non-surgical procedure developed and used by Regenexx involving the “same day” concentration and administration of highly concentrated bone marrow (see, Bone Marrow Concentrate, above). Regenexx SD treatments may also involve separate injections over the course of weeks or months, depending on the specific needs of the patient.

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How Many Patients Get PRP vs. BMC?

A big question I get from patients is should I get PRP or a Bone Marrow Concentrate procedure? This morning we’ll go over data from our treatment registry that shows what tens of thousands of patients have gotten since 2005. Let’s dig in. PRP vs BMC PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. That’s concentrated blood platelets…read more

How Do Stem Cells Get from Point A to B?

We’ve known for some time that stem cells can migrate to places they need to be as long as they’re placed in the right general area, but how does that work? Now a Stanford team has figured this out. Let’s dig in. Stem Cells Are Magic? One of the things that drives me crazy is…read more

Regenexx Reviews: Do Orthobiologics Always Work?

On this page: Published data Highlighted treatment failures What we’re doing to avoid treatment failures The financial case One of the things that I have always tried to do is to intermittently highlight patients that fail our treatments. Why? Because we don’t do magic pixie dust. We offer medical procedures with success and failure rates…read more

Should You Get Knee Arthritis Nerve Treatment?

The newest craze in knee pain treatment is a knee arthritis nerve treatment. This procedure has gone from 0 to 60 in the last few years, but is it a good idea? Does it work? How long does it last? Are there better options? How the Knee Arthritis Nerve Treatment Works This new knee arthritis nerve treatment…read more

Knee Replacement After Stem Cell Treatment: How Often Does It Happen?

Do you have knee arthritis, and have you been told you need, or will soon need, a knee replacement? Perhaps you are considering a nonsurgical stem cell treatment instead but want to know what the chances are that you’ll still need to undergo a knee replacement after stem cell treatment. Most of our knee arthritis…read more

New Knee Arthritis BMC Study Adds More Confusion

It’s hard for patients to understand that in some fields, academics are way behind their private-practice counterparts. One of those fields used to be interventional spine care, but the academic system eventually caught up. One of those right now is regenerative medicine, where academics are, for the most part, just figuring out which end is up.…read more

A Golfers Elbow Injection in an NFL Player: Why Regenexx-SD is better than PRP

Can a golfers elbow injection save an elite athlete’s career? Does what’s injected matter? You’ve likely seen the news that many professional athletes have been turning to platelet rich plasma and stem cells to heal injuries more quickly and without the need for season ending surgery. We’ve treated many professional football players through the years…read more

Regenexx-SD Stem Cell Knee and Hip Replacement Alternative Data vs Surgery

How does the Regenexx-SD Stem Cell Knee and Hip Replacement Alternative stack up to knee and hip replacement surgery?  As you may recall, I blogged a while back on the new data collected by orthopedic surgeon and Chicago Regenexx network provider, Mitch Sheinkop, M.D. He compared his knee and hip replacement patients from 2007 with…read more
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