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A Perservative in Your Food May Be Making You Sick and Diabetic

What if there was a preservative in your food that the FDA says is safe, but scientists have found is likely a problem. Would you be scanning every label? What if I also told you that this chemical in your food may be making you fatter and sicker? Let me explain. Diabetes Diabetes affects more…
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What if the Perfect One Sized Fits All Diet Didn’t Exist?

The entire diet book industry is based on a simple concept. If you follow what’s in my book, you too will lose weight and keep it off! What if that wasn’t even close to true? If there was no single perfect diet for everyone? That’s what researchers seem to have found. Predicting the Perfect Diet…
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Red Meat Makes a Comeback!

If you’re bored with eating chicken but haven’t wanted to risk your heart health by adding a juicy steak to your menu, savor this news:   When levels of saturated fat are the same, red meat and white meat have identical effects on bad cholesterol and neither have an impact on the really bad type…
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One Way to Improve Brain Function May Be Nuts

We already know that nuts are good for you. However, can they help your brain? As we all get older, the noggin gets a little less sharp. So let’s review. What We Already Know About Good Health and Nut Consumption Walnuts make the rounds on this blog occasionally and for good reason: they are truly one…
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Low Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio May Keep Knee Arthritis Pain in Check

I religiously take high-dose, high-quality fish oil on a twice-a-day basis. If I stop, it’s because I’m out, and it takes a few days, but I begin to feel like every other 50-some-year-old guy who usually pops Motrin just to get a good workout going. Is this effect for real? Many studies have shown that…
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I’m Healthy, So Sugar Won’t Hurt Me, Right?

While everyone has been taught that fat is bad, this was wrong. Turns out that the fat causes heart disease thing was a myth. The real public enemy has always been sugar. Now a new study shows just how damaging sugar can be. Why Sugar Is Our Dietary Enemy Besides the obvious, which is the…
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Can a Ketogenic Diet Help Us Live 10 Years Longer?

We’ve all been programmed by the media and academia to believe that eating a high-fat diet is bad. We still have countless jokes scattered throughout pop culture about how someone eating bacon is basically the equivalent of Russian Roulette. However, what if reality were more like Woody Allen’s movie Sleeper. He wakes up in a…
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One Key to Muscle Strength as You Age: Eat Protein at Every Meal

Did you ever wonder why you rarely see a really old bodybuilder? That’s because we all lose muscle as we age. Is there a simple way to slow this decline? According to one new study, it may be as simple as what you eat and when. Muscle Decline Is a Fact of Aging Muscle decline,…
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