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What’s the Deal with Taurine and Longevity?

Getting old is tough. As a result, a trillion-dollar industry serves us countless products that tell us we can look or feel or be younger. Influencers rake in billions every year, promoting one product or another. Scammy stem cell clinics have also popped up to get in on the action. Now a new dietary supplement…read more

Managing the Curse of the 50s

As a physician, I have observed over my career what I call the curse of the fifties. Meaning that this is when bad things happen or begin to happen. Sometimes it’s a heart attack, the first appearance of cancer, or chronic musculoskeletal problems that begin to hit our ability to stay active. Hence, as my…read more

An Update on Sailing Journey and Using Your Soleus to Control Blood Sugar?

It’s been 10 days since I’ve blogged! That’s an eternity in the world of Centeno blogging! However, this is literally the first chunk of free time I’ve had where a blog would fit. Today I’ll update you on my journey and we’ll review a super interesting study on the soleus calf muscle that may change…read more

Can Things Like Lyme, Mold, COVID, or Your Diet Destroy Your Ligaments?

It’s not uncommon that I speak to patients on a Telemedicine evaluation who are convinced that Lyme, mold exposure, COVID, or some other environmental trigger caused their ligaments to degenerate. So what do we know about infections and environmental triggers and ligament health? Let’s dive in. Functional Medicine Diagnoses The purpose of this blog isn’t…read more

Consumer Alert: Fake Regenexx Stem Cell Support Formula

Yesterday I was alerted that there is a fake Regenexx Stem Cell Support Formula out there and patients are now showing up now with this bottle in hand, ready to start their procedure. So let’s review the real stuff and compare and contrast that with the fake product so you don’t get scammed. Let’s dig…read more

Forget Fasting, A Little Calorie Restriction May Be Just as Good

One of the hottest topics of the last decade has been Fasting. It’s been touted as a bit of a miracle cure for everything from Diabetes to improving stem cell health. The problem? Most people can’t keep it up for very long. Could there be a much easier way to get the same benefits but…read more

What Is Senescence? Why Is It Important?

We all get old. That’s a physical law like gravity. However, some of us do it better than others. Much of that has to do with senescence. What is that and why should you care? Let’s dig in. What Is Senescence? Your body is made up of cells. Those cells eventually get old and die.…read more

Forget About Fat: The Real Killer is Sugar

This weekend I had a direct experience with America’s insatiable appetite for sugar. At the same time, a study published in a prestigious medical journal just identified that we could save millions of lives if we just readjusted America’s packaged food sugar content. Let’s dig in. My Recent Sugar Rush This weekend, I was hanging…read more
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