Recovery Time

Recovery time refers to the duration required for individuals to recuperate from an injury or medical procedure. It varies depending on the severity of the condition and the type of treatment received, with factors such as overall health, and adherence to rehabilitation.

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Back to Running Races after 7 Years!

7 years ago,  a patient decided to run the Boston marathon with a hip labral tear. That didn’t go well. I just recently got an email from my colleague Dr. Pitts who sent me the above picture of Gary who is finally back to running! An Email I got this email from Dr. Pitts this…read more

Expectations vs. Reality: The HUGE Difference Between What Surgical Patients Believe and Reality

I love blogging about what I experience. This month a kid hurt his finger and ended up with a surgery that didn’t need to happen. As I contemplated why that occurred, I came across research on the difference between surgical expectations and reality. In addition, if we are ever able to bend the Orthopedic cost…read more

What Does the Length of Recovery after Orthobiologics Say About Your Condition?

One of the things that is critical to understand for any patient getting an Orthobiologic procedure is how fast you recover usually tells us something about your medical condition. In particular, patients that enter into a prolonged recovery may have more issues that spell trouble long-term. Hence, let’s dive into that issue this morning. The…read more

What’s the Average Recovery Time After a PRP Injection?

On this page: How is a PRP injection different from a steroid shot? How long does it take to recover from a PRP injection? What can you not do after PRP therapy? Is the flare-up different for different types of PRP? What’s the success rate of PRP injections? Journal article on PRP injection recovery timeline…read more

Does Rotator Cuff Surgery Work?

Does rotator cuff surgery work? You would think that because this has become a standard of care for nonhealing rotator cuff tears that we would have loads of high-level research showing this procedure is effective. However, we really don’t have that research. In fact, we have studies showing that this approach of sewing up a…read more

Why Back Surgery Side Effects Are so Common: BFH Syndrome

I write about what I see in clinic and around me. One of the interesting things from this week was a low back pain patient who had surgery that was so invasive it left a hole in his low back. I coined the term BFH syndrome (Big [Insert Expletive] Hole) to describe this back surgery…read more

Why You Don’t Need Shoulder Separation Surgery

On this page: What is the AC joint? What happens in an AC joint separation? What does an AC joint separation feel like? Is shoulder separation surgery necessary? New research on surgery for AC joint dislocation When I was in medical school, I crashed a motorcycle and separated my shoulder. I was told back then…read more

Lumbar Fusion Is Usually a Business Model, Not Effective Treatment

Surgical fusion hardware is one of the most successful medical business plans ever devised. You take a screw and rods made for a few dollars in China or India and sell them for thousands of dollars. As a result, we’ve gone from a world where implanting hardware in the spines of patients was rare, to…read more
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