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Is Your Doctor’s Practice Patient or Insurance Focused?

I like writing about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. This morning there’s a nice debate on one of my Linkedin posts on the two different practice models that have been evolving: insurance versus patient-focused care. Hence, let’s dive into this issue this morning. The Problem I see patients all day every day who…read more

Did You Get the PRP Injection You Thought You Paid For?

I hear almost every day from one patient or another that they already tried PRP. They seem flustered and confused when I say, “Let’s look at the quality of that procedure” and then ask lots of questions for which they have no answers. So let’s dive into a critical concept. How do you make sure…read more

Understanding Medical Risk Is a Key Life Skill

If there’s one thing that patients often fail to understand it’s Medical Risk. In fact, this plays out every day usually to the detriment of otherwise smart people. So let’s explore that topic this morning. Risk Is Everywhere We all get up each morning and most of us hop in a car at some point…read more

Stenoclavicular Joint Pain?

How is your shoulder connected to your body and how does that relate to the Sternoclavicular joint? What is Sternoclavicular joint pain? This blog will discuss: What is the Sternoclavicular joint? How is the joint put together? Why does this joint hurt? What kind of pain does it generate? How does the joint work? How…read more

Why Can’t We Be Friends? A Regenative Labs Update

It seems like such a simple missive, “Why can’t we be friends?” Who could possibly disagree with that concept? This is what a company called “Regenative Labs” has been pinging me with on LinkedIn. What’s that all about and how could I possibly refuse? Let’s dig in. Regenative Pings Me Several weeks ago, I started…read more

Expectations vs. Reality: The HUGE Difference Between What Surgical Patients Believe and Reality

I love blogging about what I experience. This month a kid hurt his finger and ended up with a surgery that didn’t need to happen. As I contemplated why that occurred, I came across research on the difference between surgical expectations and reality. In addition, if we are ever able to bend the Orthopedic cost…read more

Why Is R3 Still Advertising Stem Cells for Sale?

Here we are, half a year beyond the FDA regulatory crackdown, and you would think that the scam that was umbilical cord “stem cells” was long since over. However, yesterday I got an R3 “stem cell” ad sent to me by a colleague. Let’s dig in. The Urban Myth of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells If…read more

What Is Procenta? What Is Human Tissue Therapy (HTT)? Why Is a Former Employee Mixed Up in This?

This week, I had a colleague send me information about yet another birth tissue company selling a product for use in treating orthopedic injuries. The sales rep claimed to my colleague that this product, called Procenta, was “FDA Approved” for that purpose. Let’s dig in. What Is Procenta? Procenta is a placental tissue sold by…read more
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