Prescription Drug

A prescription drug is medication that can only be obtained with a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. These medications are regulated by government agencies and typically undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and efficacy before being approved for use.

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How Does PRP Compare to a DMOAD Drug Candidate?

Disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs) are one of the holy grails of medicine. The idea is that you can inject something in a knee that will reduce the progression of osteoarthritis and that will, therefore, reduce the need for a knee replacement. I have previously blogged about a company called Biosplice that was testing a DMOAD…read more

Traditional Medicine’s Approach to Treating Knee Arthritis is Blowing Up

Three new studies have recently been added to many others that our current traditional treatment of knee arthritis is probably hurting more people than it’s helping. So let’s explore this morning what’s up. Let’s also explore how you can protect yourself from the medical care system potentially making your arthritis worse. What are the Most…read more

Dopesick, Purdue, and Oxycotin

This weekend I watched the Hulu original show, Dopesick. It’s a must-watch for anybody trying to understand the Opioid epidemic and how American medicine has become very corrupt. This morning I thought I’d give you a bit of commentary from someone who had a front-row seat to the Oxycontin disaster. Let’s dig in. Dope Sick…read more

Supplements vs. Prescription Modafinil: Which Makes You Smarter?

Let’s face it, we MDs can be pretty smug sometimes. We often believe that with our universities and research, we know it all. Hence, I love studies that show that sometimes all of what we think we know isn’t enough. The most fun “naked in Times Square” moments for modern pharmaceutical-based medicine are when a…read more

Why Statins are Really Bad for You

As you know, we have seen statin cholesterol drugs do really bad things to stem cells in culture. On the other end of that spectrum, we’ve also seen high triglycerides due to metabolic syndrome hurt stem cells. One of our patients who was instructed to get off statin drugs before her stem cell procedure recently sent this article by MIT professor Dr. Stefanie…read more
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