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Explore the importance of physical activity and its benefits for overall health and well-being on this page. Discover tips, resources, and guidance to help you incorporate physical activity into your daily routine and achieve your fitness goals effectively.

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I’ve Returned and So Apparently Are the Neck Multifidus Muscles after Exercise!

I’ve been out for six weeks sailing the Med. It was another great trip and a much-needed break for an old guy! Today, let’s cover a new study that shows that cervical multifidus muscle atrophy can be recovered with exercise. Getting Back If you recall, we are on a four-year journey to sail the Mediterranean,…read more

Dead Lifts and Spondylolisthesis

If there is one exercise recommended by personal trainers that causes more back injuries than any other, it’s a deadlift. I have literally treated dozens of patients through the years who can track the start of a serious low back injury to this exercise. This week I saw two of these patients with one who…read more

Fighting Gravity as You Age: The Swiss Ball Super Stretch

I often write that I have a love-hate relationship with aging. On the one hand, an aging body is a fantastic instructor for anyone that does what I do. On the other hand, aging isn’t for sissies. Today I’d like to review a new Swiss ball super stretch I’ve been using that has made a…read more

Just Move…

Does the amount we move reduce our risk of death? That’s a simple question that many studies have ventured to answer. A recent bit of research may make you glad you got a Fitbit for Christmas. Let’s dig in. What Is All-Cause Mortality? Researchers will typically use a metric that they describe as “all-cause mortality”.…read more

My Basic Core Exercises

If you have chronic low back issues, one of the most critical ingredients for feeling better and creating a more bombproof back is your core. A patient last week asked me which core exercises I would recommend as a home program. Here’s that list of the exercises I personally use. Let’s dig in. What Is…read more

Cardio or Weight Lifting To Lose or Maintain Weight?

You’ll hear and read all sorts of advice on whether you should lift heavy weights or do cardio to lose or keep off weight. In addition, the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth on this one. Back in the 80s and 90s it was aerobics and running. Then about a decade ago it was lifting…read more

Can Obesity Turn Your Spine Ligaments Into Inflexible Bone?

We know that being overweight places us at all sorts of enhanced risks for various serious diseases. We also know that it adversely impacts your spine and joints not only because of the extra forces but also because of chemical influences. New research has a new risk for the spine: your ligaments may turn to…read more

Alcohol and Stem Cells: Worse than I Thought?

We have always told stem cell patients to avoid drinking more than a glass of wine before a stem cell procedure. This was based on data from studies showing that alcoholics are more prone to damaging bone stem cells, and that can cause osteonecrosis. However, alcohol may be more damaging to stem cells than we…read more
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