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QC Kinetix Goes from Mastering the Upsell to Reducing Costs?

I have often written about QC Kinetix because they’re hard to miss. They have bombarded the airwaves across the US, causing countless physician colleagues to reach out and ask, “What the heck is this?” Now I hear that the company has decided to create a program to save corporations money on their elective orthopedic surgery…read more

My 2024 PRP RCT Infographic

Every year, I perform a deep dive into the orthobiologic literature to see what’s been published. This is part of my job as CMO of Regenexx, and it’s also a great opportunity to produce an infographic that others in the orthobiologics community can use. This is my 2024 edition of the PRP randomized controlled trials…read more

The “Save the Cord” Ripoff: The Insurance Policy for Very, Very, Very Rare Diseases

Expecting parents often contact me to ask my opinion about saving their baby’s umbilical cord tissue. The companies that sell this service are aggressive, and this morning, I’d like to share one such sales pitch because IMHO it’s so far off from reality that it’s nutty. Let’s dive in. Sales 101 My wife recently bought…read more

How the SCOTUS Chevron Decision Impacts the Stem Cell Wild West

This week, something big happened with a SCOTUS decision that will eviscerate the FDA’s ability to control the stem cell wild west. This was the Chevron decision. So, what is this, and what does it mean? Let’s dive in. What is Chevron Deference? You may not know that the Supreme Court just decimated the power…read more

My Fourth Sailing Trip in the Med

If you read this blog regularly, you know I spend two six-week sabbaticals a year sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. This week, I begin my fourth such trip. Let’s dig in. Our Journey Thus far As you can see from the map above, we started back in September of 2022 in Gibraltar. That trip was…read more

What Happens to Umbilical Cord IV Stem Cells in the Lungs? It’s NOT Pretty

One of the most common delivery methods for stem cells is intravenous (IV). However, this seems to have been chosen more because it’s easy for the clinic than because it’s the best way to deliver stem cells. Today, I will discuss a new study and review why IV stem cell infusions remain problematic. In particular,…read more

Blogging From the Caymans One Last Time

It’s hard to believe that about 15 years ago, I began seeing patients in Grand Cayman several times a year and that this is my last trip. Not that the Cayman advanced treatment site will be any worse for wear. In fact, the Cayman site is about to get a big upgrade with a CSC…read more

Placental “Stem Cells” and The State of Utah vs the FDA

There’s a battle brewing based on a new stem cell law that looks likely to pass in Utah. You can bet that this will result in the FDA getting involved and ignoring this new state law. It’s also reasonable to assume that this law will get quoted as the main ammunition to support that Utah…read more
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