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Ultrasound of the Living Spinal Cord

This morning I would like to share a video of an ultrasound of the Spinal Cord. I happened on this unique view last year and I finally asked my assistant to save a video clip. Let’s dig in. What is the Spinal Cord? The Spinal Cord is often thought of as the main bundle of…
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How Do Various Types of Exercise Impact Your Telomeres? What the Heck Is a Telomere?

In finding your exercise groove, you have lots of options. That includes aerobic exercise, interval training, or lifting weights. Which one is best to counter aging? Let’s dig into a recent high-level study and also learn something about how your genes age. Types of Exercise One of the things you have to do, if you…
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What Does the Length of Recovery after Orthobiologics Say About Your Condition?

One of the things that is critical to understand for any patient getting an Orthobiologic procedure is how fast you recover usually tells us something about your medical condition. In particular, patients that enter into a prolonged recovery may have more issues that spell trouble long-term. Hence, let’s dive into that issue this morning. The…
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LOL AAOS! You Guys Crack Me Up – More Steroids and Less PRP for Knees!

It’s official, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons is now officially off its collective rocker. Instead of adding PRP to their knee arthritis treatment guidelines, which would be an evidence-based thing to do in 2021, the AAOS has avoided all evidence and doubled down on the ridiculous practice of injecting steroids into knees! However, wait,…
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Lecturing at the CBP Annual Conference

This weekend I’m in Orlando, Florida lecturing at the annual Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) conference. Hence, I likely won’t blog these next few days. However, I have referred hundreds of patients to CBP chiropractors over the years. Why? This stuff works. It’s all about restoring the normal curve and shape of the spine, which makes all…
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Can We Reverse Skeletal Muscle Aging?

One of the aspects of aging is that our muscles get old and weaker much like the skin on our face develops wrinkles. Hence, if we are to find treatments that reverse aging, we need to find a way to get our muscles younger. Let’s dive into a study that tried to accomplish that goal…
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1 in 8 Orthopedic Surgeries Lead to Heart Damage

Sometimes a paper comes along that breaks my brain. This is one of those research studies which is in the form of a position paper published by the American Heart Association. It basically says that some people are getting heart damage during routine surgery. So let’s dig in because when I first read it yesterday,…
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What Is PRGF?

A new treatment called PRGF seems to have become popular this past year with physicians using orthobiologics. What is it? What’s it used for? What’s the evidence behind it? Why should you care? Let’s dig in? What’s the Buzz About? I was recently listening to a number of physicians who use orthobiologics discuss PRGF. There…
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