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PRP Injections for Knee ACL Tears: A Few Sandwiches Short of a Picnic

When I was in medical school I had a British girlfriend who used to use the very English expression, “A few sandwiches short of a picnic”. That saying immediately came to mind as I reviewed a new study published by orthopedic surgeons in the middle east as they compared ACL surgery to PRP injection. It…
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The Low Back Pain Circulus in Probando Experiment

What if you lied to your patients about what was wrong with them? Meaning, what if you told them there was nothing wrong when you as the doctor had no idea if that was accurate? What impact would that have on them? That was recently studied in an RCT on the biopsychosocial model of pain…
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Does Testosterone Help Orthobiologic Procedures?

The same patient who asked the question about PRP vs BMC and ligament healing yesterday also asked about whether taking testosterone could help with healing after an orthobiologic procedure. That same prolotherapy physician who launched the last blog had also claimed that there was no doubt that the science showed that testosterone supplementation helped his…
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PRP vs BMC for Ligament Healing

I love writing about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. A patient recently wrote to me claiming that a prolotherapy physician had told him that PRP injections were clearly superior to Bone Marrow Concentrate for helping ligaments heal. Hence, I figured it was time for a formal deep dive to help patients understand the…
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Physical Therapy Is as Good as Knee Surgery for Degenerative Meniscus Tears Yet Again

Do common orthopedic surgical procedures work? Increasingly, research is showing that many are ineffective. This morning we’ll focus on one of the most common surgical procedures in the world, arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (APM). Let’s dig in. Meniscectomy 101 The idea behind APM is simple. The patient usually notices sudden knee pain and an MRI is…
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Seamonkeys and Oral Stem Cell Pills from New Zealand

I used to love Sea-monkeys as a kid. They would come to life out of a little packet of dehydrated eggs when placed in seawater. An ad this week on Facebook selling oral “live” stem cell pills is claiming that a pill can repair your body using placental stem cells from deer. So is it…
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Regenerative vs. Ablative: The Battle Over Lumbar RFA and Multifidus Atrophy

Medicine advances because advocates for various treatments duke it out in the research literature. That time-honored system produces an intellectual Darwinism effect and one of those evolutionary battles happening in pain medicine is between opposing regenerative and ablative camps. Today we’ll dive into one example of that conceptual crucible by focusing on little muscles in…
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CFU-f 101: To Be an Orthobiologics Expert You MUST Learn This

The blind leading the blind is one of my favorite expressions. As one of the founders of this field of interventional orthobiologics, the fact that this statement applies to much of our existing orthobiologics education is concerning to me. Nowhere is this more true than the concept of stem cell dose and CFU-f assays. Hence,…
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