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Corona Roundup: Masks and Google Searches

This past week, the recommendation was made for everyone to consider using the use of cloth face masks. In addition, a new idea has popped up that Google searches can predict the spread of the disease. That last one may teach us quite a bit about how to identify COVID-19 early. Let’s dig in. Everyone…
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Coronavirus Episode 21: Winston Churchill and the End of the Beginning

I’m a history buff and my two historical heroes are Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. This morning I’d like to posit what our lives will look like for the next year, as this is a question I keep getting from my own kids. So what are we in for and what should we be preparing…
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Telemedicine Patient Diaries: Ankles, Backs, and Necks!

As you all likely know by now, many physicians including those at Regenexx now offer both in-office and telemedicine visits. For the latter, the patient is seen in the comfort of their own home through their phone, tablet, or computer. Yesterday was a telemedicine day for me where I got a chance to catch up…
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Coronavirus Episode 20: What’s the Deal with Masks?

I’ve seen so much misinformation out there about masks it’s crazy. Should you wear one? Yes, no, maybe? What kind of mask? Is this just wasting PPE on the worried well or will it help the average at-risk person protect themselves? Is there a conspiracy going on due to our mask shortage? Let’s dig in.…
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Corona Episode 19: Viral Exposure and the Frontline of the War

Our world has changed. The other day I was at our local Target and someone coughed, the whole place stopped and you could hear a pin drop. Think about a pediatrician’s office and a small waiting room with 10 sick kids. Just weeks ago all of that would have been commonplace, now it’s our worst…
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The Latest Amniotic Sales Scam is Reimbursement: InovoFlo

We’ve seen so many different false claims out there in the amniotic, umbilical cord, and exosome world that I’ve officially lost track. The activity of these scams seems to be ramping up during the coronavirus crisis as these companies rush to try to reorient their products from knees to lungs, without a shred of evidence…
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Coronavirus Episode 18: How Will The Virus Change Healthcare Forever?

The coronavirus is already temporarily morphing how healthcare is delivered. However, I predict there will be huge changes in the next few years that are forced by the war against our viral foe. Much of this will center around staying away from the hospital front lines where the war against the disease is being fought.…
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Coronavirus Episode 17: Telemedicine in the Time of Corona

As of yesterday, about half of all U.S. states had issued orders for their residents to stay at home other than essential trips. Another 14 or so had regional shutdowns. So what can patients who have non-coronavirus problems do in the next two months? There are a couple of options including Telemedicine. What’s that? How…
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