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Where Did All the Flu Cases Go?

The CDC recently reported that influenza cases are WAY down. In fact, they have never seen cases so low going back to the earliest days of mid-20th century flu data. Why? I have a different perspective than you’ll read in the media, who all seem to be missing the obvious. CDC Data You can find…
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What Is QC Kinetix?

I was recently asked to look at the QC Kinetix website by a physician colleague. After almost a week of digging deep, I thought I would share what I found. In addition, the unique set-up of these clinics raises all sorts of fascinating questions. For example, what is the role of a physician’s assistant or…
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Which Kind of Blog Content Do You Want to See?

After blogging almost daily for 16 years, I’ve never conducted a formal poll of my readers to determine what type of blog content they want to see, so today I’ll conduct one. The goal is to better tailor what I write to what the 30,000 people who have subscribed to this blog want to read.…
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Vaccine Reduces Coronavirus Transmission, Duh….

The single biggest public health reason why advanced societies vaccinate is that it reduces disease transmission. This has been the case with every modern vaccine since Smallpox and Polio. Now a new Israeli study shows that the Coronavirus vaccine also reduces disease transmission. My first response when reading these studies this morning was a resounding…
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Paragon Integrated Medical: The Scams Continue

It’s time again to explore the stem cell wild west. Today’s entry is a clinic in California, but what you’ll see here might as well be any integrative chiropractic clinic offering “stem cells”. I’ll cover two interesting models over the next two blogs on this topic that both miss the mark. Let’s dig in. Integrated…
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What Are CCI Symptoms?

Craniocervical Instability (CCI) is a condition that hasn’t been studied with the same level of detail as many other more common medical diagnoses. Even symptoms are poorly researched. I’d like to change that and my contribution is now the results of the first formal survey of CCI symptoms. Let’s dig in. What Is CCI? CCI…
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Why Are COVID Cases Dropping Off a Cliff? Where Are the Variants?

These past two weeks, there’s an undeniable trend in COVID cases which are way down. Why is this happening? Where are the variants that numerous media outlets have warned about? Let’s dig in. The COVID Variants I can’t keep up with the news on COVID variants or mutations. We began with the British variant and…
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Why Is Hip FAI Common in People Who Have No Hip Pain?

One of the real problems in modern medicine is our over-reliance on MRIs to make a diagnosis. This is rampant in the world of arthroscopic hip surgery where detecting FAI can result in an invasive procedure. Several studies have shown time and time again that while hip FAI is treated as an abnormality, it’s actually…
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