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Regenexx Interventional Orthopedics Articles

Regenexx Knee Arthritis Data: Are the Patient Results We Show “Research Grade”?

We have been performing stem cell procedures to treat knee arthritis for 15 years. We’ve published many papers on the topic and have almost 10,000 patient results listed on-line. However, is that patient results data the same as real research data? Let’s dig in. Knee Stem Cell Procedures to Treat Knee Arthritis We’ve been helping…
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Subtalar Fusion? Do You Really Need This Surgery?

The subtalar joint is sort of the red-headed stepchild of the ankle. Most of the focus is usually on it’s bigger brother, the main tibiotalar joint. However, arthritis in the smaller subtalar joint can cause loads of pain and disability. That pain can lead some patients to consider subtalar fusion. However, do you really need…
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SI Joint Fusion? The Most Unnecessary Spine Surgery?

Several years ago I began to see a very disturbing trend. Pain management physicians fusing SI joints. While we were supposed to be the good guys who offered patients non-surgical options, instead we were now just another specialty where invasive surgery could be monetized. SI joint fusion is a great example of this slippery slope.…
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Should We Be Rehabbing Like Dogs and Horses? Rethinking Early Mobilization

Have you ever watched a dog or horse heal from orthopedic surgery? They don’t do it like we do it. There are no crutches, big braces, or little scooters. In fact, early weight-bearing on the area is the only rule of thumb. So while we’re still totally disabled, our canine and equine buddies are already…
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These united States of America

On July 4th, 1776 the Continental Congress formally stated that 13 American colonies were breaking from Great Britain and laid down the principles on which a new country would be based. Now that we’re sitting in the middle of a pandemic, it’s reasonable to reflect on that document created some 244 years ago. Because if…
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Should I Have Surgery for Spinal Stenosis?

As a doctor who helps patients avoid spinal surgery, I get asked this question several times a week: “Should I Have Surgery for Spinal Stenosis?” The answer is frequently “No”, so let’s delve into why I think that and go over the results of one patient who we helped avoid the surgery. What Is Spinal…
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This Pallingen Flow Sales Pitch Is Dangerous

Colleagues send me stuff all the time to review. Some of my favorite myth-buster activities come from reviewing aggressive sales emails sent to doctors to try to get them to purchase fake stem cell products. One such email just came across my desk that I’ll review today. The goal is to educate consumers and doctors…
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A Fake Stem Cell Injection at Your Home? Welcome to Biologics Health

I often use the phrase, “You can’t make this stuff up” when referring to the stem cell wild west. This week on Facebook a patient recounted a bizarre incident where she was injected with fake stem cells in her own home. So let’s dig into this strange and disturbing story. The Patient’s Story… We saw…
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