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Regenexx Interventional Orthopedics Articles

Stem Cells and SCI: Placebo or the Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

I have gotten many emails through the years from patients who know someone who has a spinal cord injury (SCI) and who ask if we could help. My answer has always been the same. We only treat orthopedic injuries. However, a study on stem cells and spinal cord injury was just published in February that’s…
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2021 All Stem Cell Infographic

I’ve been blogging a bit less lately due to the hours and hours that these two annual stem cell research infographics have consumed. This morning I’m finally done with the all cell types document which has some new surprises. Let’s dig in. What Are These Infographics? These are documents I produce every year (except last…
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Biologics Alliance: The Fine Line Between Evidence and Misinformation

A recent paper published in the journal Arthroscopy makes several now in that journal which are anti-orthobiologics. For this one, I think the authors meant well, but the abstract is so poorly written that it’s getting picked up by news outlets and distorted. Let’s dig in. Orthopedic Surgery and Orthobiologic Publications First, if you’re new…
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2021 Bone Marrow Research Infographic

Every year, I spend a number of hours searching the published medical literature for various new publications in orthobiologics and cell therapy. I produce two infographics, one focused on bone marrow cells and the other on all cell types. This is the 2021 edition of the bone marrow infographic. What Is This? This is the…
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Can What You Eat Make Your Pain Better?

Food is medicine. Meaning that what you put in your body can affect you just like popping a pill can. However, how far can you take that analogy? For example, can eating the wrong stuff make your back pain better or worse? Let’s find out. Chronic Inflammation and Diet If you had to point to…
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The Orthobiologics Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is when you try to relay a complex message in a few sentences. Let’s explore an elevator pitch for orthobiologics and why I think this is a great way to communicate the benefits to patients. Let’s dig in. The Elevator Pitch There are a few origin stories about the elevator pitch, which…
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Our Hip Arthroscopy Palooza Isn’t Going So Well

If you read this blog, you know that I often write about what I experience as a doctor. This week a patient came in after Hip Arthroscopy asking if she should get a hip stem cell injection. I was appalled that nobody ever bothered to tell her that her surgery was highly likely to have…
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Digging the Hole Deeper and Deeper: Biolabs Fluid Flow

One thing I learned many years ago as a young doctor was that you don’t mess with Medicare billing. It’s literally like kryptonite to every medical practice or hospital. No matter how big you are, if you screw up or worse yet, purposefully bill Medicare for things that you shouldn’t, the feds will take you…
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