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What Is a Mitlet?

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about platelets and PRP, something new crops up. That’s why I love medicine, as we’re just starting to know what we don’t know. Let’s explore a new idea, called “Mitlets”. What the Heck is a Mitlet? If you read this blog, you’ve heard quite…
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A Comment from a Reader…

If you read this blog, you know that I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. With daylight savings gone and the “fall back”, I was up extra early this morning and wanted to highlight a comment from a reader. So let’s dig in. The Comment I get emails all the time…
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Antidepressants and Back Pain

One of the hot topics in treating chronic pain is that we doctors should prescribe antidepressants. Why? Well as I used to say, many doctors view patients with chronic low back pain as crazy or lazy. Let’s dig into how well antidepressants work for back pain and dig in a bit more about why your…
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When Is PRP not PRP? It All Depends on Your Age

If you read this blog, you know quite a bit about PRP now. However, there continue to be studies performed that say they use PRP, but it’s really not PRP. Today we’ll review that issue so you can learn what to avoid. Let’s dig in. What Is PRP? PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma. This is…
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Is Academia Leading or Trailing Private Practice in the Field of Orthobiologics?

In many areas of medicine, you go to an academic Medical Center if you have a rare condition. However, in orthobiologics, it’s been the opposite in that there is more accumulated experience and published data in private practices. This morning I’ll review why that is and how academia stacks up. Let’s dig in. Academia and…
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What Is a Proper Diagnostic Block Headache Work-up?

There are so many structures in the neck and head that can cause headaches that it’s almost tough to find them all and put them on a big list. However, after having many patients with chronic headaches come into the office and claim that after a simple Occipital Nerve Block that they have had a…
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Headaches, Blind Men, and an Elephant

Headaches are one of the most confusing problems for patients searching for solutions. Like the elephant and the blind men in the famous parable, each medical specialty seems to have a completely different way of conceptualizing this problem. Let’s dig in. Blind Men and an Elephant This is the parable from Wikipedia: “The parable of…
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Muscles Use Travelling Nuclei to Repair Themselves

If you hit the gym or increase your cardio dramatically, you should want to know how muscle repair works. While we have a good idea of how that works using muscle stem cells, now new research shows how muscles do this using their nuclei. Let’s dig in. What Is a Nucleus? The nucleus is the…
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