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Regenexx Interventional Orthopedics Articles

New Article on Your Multifidus and Cytokines

If you read this blog regularly, you’ve heard about the most important back muscle many physicians have never heard about called the Multifidus. Now new research lends an interesting twist to the story of this critical muscle. Let’s dig into cytokines and your Multifidus. What Is the Multifidus? Multifidus is a deep spinal muscle that’s…
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Medicare Umbilical Cord and Amniotic “Stem Cell” Scam Is Crashing

I’ve blogged a number of times on manufacturers who found a creative way to make it appear that their umbilical cord and amniotic “stem cell” products were covered by Medicare to treat orthopedic and spinal problems. This scam is now ending and recent information from CMS provides hard evidence of that change. Let’s dig in.…
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When Minimally Invasive Meets Stupid

This will be a short one this morning focused on the famous quote that showed up in the first Jurassic Park movie. The idea that just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Let’s dig in. Could and Should Medicine has evolved to the point where we can now do lots of stuff to lots…
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That Second Knee Replacement Could Be a Problem…

The problem of a younger person getting a knee replacement has always been, what happens when the surgery needs to be redone? Meaning that most honest surgeons try to steer their patients to get a knee replacement surgery when they are as old as possible. Now new research adds weight to that decision-making process. Let’s…
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L5-S1 Non-surgical Disc Treatment

L5-S1 non-surgical disc treatment has radically changed in these past few decades. What used to be a sure thing surgery, morphed into injected steroids and now has morphed again into Orthobiologics. Let’s explore one patient’s result to learn. What Is  a Herniated or Bulging Disc? Your discs are the shock absorbers that live between your…
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Shoulder Strecthing on a Diagonal Saves My Rotator Cuff!

Most people hate getting old. I can’t say I’m a big fan, but for someone whose job it is to fix the aging musculoskeletal systems of other people, age is an incredible teacher. My left shoulder is a great example that will help us learn today about the diagonal organization of the body. Let’s dive…
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The Insurance Coverage Bioethics Dilemma

There a raging controversy among physicians since the advent of orthobiologics that I would like to explore. Should a doctor push a patient towards something that may work, but is a bad or “less good” option solely because there is insurance coverage? What ethical responsibility does the physician have to recommend all options and encourage…
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SI Joint Fusion Complications? Why Are We Doing this to Patients?

One of the biggest issues I see is how easily interventional pain physicians have been lured in by quasi-spine surgeries that they know are bad for their patients. A case in point is SI fusion. Let’s dig into SI joint fusion complications through a case posted on LinkedIn. What Is the SI Joint? The acronym…
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