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8 Ways to Improve Your Stem Cells Prior to Treatment

Patients often ask us how they can improve the quality or quantity of their stem cells before a procedure. As the most advanced stem cell clinic in the United States, we have used over a decade of orthopedic stem cell experience and research to address 8 ways to improve your stem cells prior to treatment.…
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NSAIDs and Stem Cells: Naprosyn Messes Up Cartilage

I highlighted a study recently that suggested that taking NSAID drugs long-term could cause more arthritis. However, the question is how that could happen. Now another recent study sheds light on a possible mechanism for how that could work—NSAIDs cause abnormal cartilage to be manufactured because of the interaction of NSAIDs and Stem Cells. NSAIDs…
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How to Find Good Stem Cell Treatment: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With the explosion in the number of doctors offering stem cell treatments, I’m sure you’ve wondered how to find a doctor that knows what they’re doing. This is a video of a talk I just gave at a stem cell conference in the Bahamas. In it I used five guidelines to define the good, the…
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How Not to Draw Stem Cells

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of clinics offering stem cells to treat orthopedic and spine issues. Being the first in the U.S. in this space, it’s often a bit painful to watch. However, it’s often difficult to help patients and doctors understand that this isn’t as easy as it…
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Stem Cell Cures: Hype vs. Reality

I was watching a reality TV show with my wife the other night and a woman with severe Lyme disease said that she had undergone a stem cell treatment! I couldn’t come up with a mechanism for why that would work, but knowing the outfit that offered the treatment, I wasn’t surprised that they were…
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Counting Stem Cells – What’s the Proper Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Dose?

I treated an elderly woman who had arthritis in both knees yesterday with the Regenexx-SD stem cell procedure, which is common. Since we count the number of stem cells harvested, we knew based on our registry research that there weren’t enough cells to properly treat both sides, i.e. she only had enough to effectively treat…
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What is the Future of Orthopedics?

The pace of innovation has been accelerating at a break neck pace this past two decades. Just contemplate for a second that the Internet was born in the late 90s and in 15 short years has come to dominate our lives. The future of orthopedics is also about to shift into high gear. Why? Because…
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Why Most Fat Stem Cells Harvested via Liposuction are DOA…

Stem cells are very sensitive to certain medications that physicians commonly use. One of the known medication problem areas is local anesthetics. Fat stem cells are harvested via liposuction where large amounts of anesthetic are used. Now a new study shows that the most common local anesthetic used kills fat stem cells dead. There are…
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