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A Tale of Two Pandemics, Vitamin D, and Blood Clots…

This has been a wild week in terms of COVID-19. States reopening, protests in states that are still closed, and lots of confusion about what to do to manage the spread of COVID-19. Again, my single biggest concern is that abject terror helps no one. What does help is continuing to put the risks in…
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CharaCore Is Still Making Claims It Can’t Prove…

I’ve blogged several times on a company selling an umbilical cord product that it claims has many millions of stem cells. I’ve shown how independent lab tests have documented that this isn’t true and how a lab report being used to stoke sales was somehow suspiciously altered. Now that company is doubling down in the…
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Helping Employers and Employees Save Money in a Recession

Whatever you believe about COVID-19, it’s clear that we’re likely headed for a nasty recession. Hence, how can we help employers reduce their outlays when their bottom line is awash in red ink? One way to do that is to tackle the high cost and ineffectiveness of orthopedic care. Recession Planning At the height of…
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We Need to Level with the Public About Coronavirus Risks

One of the most critical things we do in medicine day in and day out is to discuss risks with patients. A good doctor has these talks a dozen or more times a day. Why? Because both medical care and life has risks. So as the data is published on how lethal COVID-19 really is…
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Purchasing COVID-19 Serology Test Kits: A Guide for Physicians (and Patients)

I have spent the last month diving into COVID-19 testing. Mostly from the standpoint of how to protect our employees. However, communicating with my colleagues, I have seen that many are confused by sales reps hawking these tests. In addition, patients are even more confused. Hence, what I’ve found is critical for both physicians and…
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Why Haven’t You Seen This COVID-19 Headline?

There has been amazing uplifting news that has been covered in the press this past week, but you wouldn’t know it. In fact, it’s the biggest news of the whole pandemic so far, yet it’s been largely hidden from the average American. Today I’ll explore why. First the News Given the most recent data from…
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Making Our 3D Printed N-99 Mask

Much to our surprise (and that of our local 3D printing company), we got an immense amount of interest from patients and medical providers about our 3D printed N-99 mask. So much so, that I needed to put together a video about how to assemble it once it arrives. Hence, the video below and this…
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Non-COVID Patients Who Got Routine Surgery Developed COVID Pneumonia

NOTE: After the study authors later posted a letter better explaining their methods, this post was revised.  If you read this blog, you know that one of my favorite sayings is “you can’t make this stuff up”. Today I’ll cover a new journal article that implies that surgery made people more susceptible to more severe…
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