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Is Weed All You Need for Chronic Pain?

I live and practice in Colorado, which is arguably the weed capital of the earth right now given that we were one of the first states to approve medical, and then recreational, marijuana. Hence, I have seen both the good and bad behind legalized pot. For example, you can now buy CBD laced chocolate bars…
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Protecting Yourself From Overly Aggressive Surgery and Procedures

If there’s one big mistake I see most patients make that places them at risk, it’s not understanding how to gauge the risk of procedural-based care. So the goal this morning is to help you understand how to protect you, and your loved ones, from us doctors. Let’s dig in. Complications Complications can happen in…
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Can Physical Activity Prevent Brain Atrophy? Don’t Become a “Little Brain”

I remember the first time I heard about brain atrophy as a young doctor. It sounded so awful, after all, if there is one thing in your whole body you hope never gets smaller, it’s your brain! Now new research on preventing brain atrophy may help most of us avoid this fate! Little Brains One…
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Lumbar Stenosis Treatment Without Surgery

One of the more amazing changes in our spine practice over the last several years has been on how we look at lumbar stenosis. I’ve gone from referring almost all of these patients to surgery to referring very few. Why? We reimagined what was going on with these patients. Let me explain through a recent…
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What Level of Evidence Do Physicians Believe They Need to Use Orthobiologics?

This past long weekend I ran a few polls on LinkedIn. One of the most fascinating was to find out how much scientific evidence most physicians believe they need to begin using an orthobiologic. This was especially important given that we have seen a number of news stories where some university talking heads with no…
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Why the Health Canada Cell Therapy Knee-Jerk Is a Big Deal…

As I have been warning for years, the out of control stem cell wild west would eventually cause regulators to kill even low-risk cell therapies. That’s exactly what happened in Canada this week, where Health Canada issued a position statement saying that even bedside therapies needed drug approval. This is a big deal that should…
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Can Obesity Turn Your Spine Ligaments Into Inflexible Bone?

We know that being overweight places us at all sorts of enhanced risks for various serious diseases. We also know that it adversely impacts your spine and joints not only because of the extra forces but also because of chemical influences. New research has a new risk for the spine: your ligaments may turn to…
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Regenexx in the News: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater

You may have seen some recent news stories about the Regenexx Corporate program. One of my concerns is that these stories don’t depict our company accurately and they mark a new disturbing trend in orthobiologics. Since the media and the university talking heads don’t understand how physicians innovate, they have been unable to set a…
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