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New Study: Some Chronic Whiplash Patients Have Spinal Cord Injuries

I’ve been treating patients with “whiplash” for decades. One of the things that has always stood out to me is that in some chronic pain patients, many aspects of their symptoms look like an incomplete spinal cord injury. The problem? Their MRI imaging doesn’t show spinal cord damage, until now. Let’s dig in. Whiplash and…
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Mesenchymal Stem Research Continues at a Furious Pace

How important are mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in the big scheme of things? What are they? I’ve published a few blogs on the pace of MSC research through the years, so let’s dig in. Mesenchymal Stem Cells If there was one stem cell in your body that was the all-around and versatile decathlete, it would…
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He Blinded Me with Science! David Singer Strikes Again

I wrote about David Singer a while back. He’s a chiropractic practice consultant who has now reinvented himself as a stem cell expert. IMHO, he and others like him are helping to perpetuate stem cell fraud in hundreds of chiropractic clinics all over the country. Today we’ll dig into the fraudulent use of research to…
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Why I just Got Vaccinated

Yesterday, I was vaccinated in our first round with other healthcare workers. You may be wondering if you should or shouldn’t get vaccinated. Let me tell you why I did. Let’s dig in. The Two Vaccines Available There is a Pfizer and Moderna vaccine available right now. Both are made using synthetic mRNA. The vaccines…
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Does Ivermectin Help COVID-19?

I’ve had a ton of requests to review the science on Ivermectin and COVID-19. What is it? Why are people talking about it? Let’s dig in. What is Ivermectin? Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug. The two most common indications would be its use in treating head lice in humans and heartworms in animals. It had…
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Stem Cell Therapy for Back Problems

New video this morning for you to share with friends or family! Happy New Year!

Figuring Out Excess COVID Deaths Is Tarot Card Reading with Math

Two weeks ago I and others had figured out that we likely had a COVID death attribution problem. Meaning that based on CDC data we were attributing too many deaths to COVID. A commenter brought up a New York Times article that made the claim that 377,000 people had actually died of the novel coronavirus.…
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Ask Dr. C-Episode 19: Hip Arthritis and Stem Cells

A patient in our holiday edition of Ask Dr. C asked about hip arthritis, which is a different animal than other types of arthritis we treat. Hence, that question needs a full blog to answer. Let’s dig in. Today’s Question Can cartilage in the hip be restored with stem cells? And if there is OA…
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