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Middle-Aged and Never Exercised? It’s Never Too Late?

If you’ve never been a big exercise person, can you start late in life and still get health benefits? While answers to that question would be all over the map based on opinion, we have some new research that weighs in. So let’s dig in. It’s Never Too Late! Before we dive into this subject,…
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Hip Replacement Results: How Do Real Patients Fare vs Those on Commercials?

We’ve all seen the hip replacement ads. Active happy people on TV or plastered across billboards who are so happy they had that hip replacement because it allowed them to get back to the life they had before hip arthritis. A new study, however, didn’t confirm that these ads are the reality for the average…
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How Much Does an Unneccessary Cervical Fusion Cost?

We see the craziest stuff day in and out from spine surgeons. This week Dr. Schultz had a patient almost get completely unnecessary spine surgery. So today we’ll calculate the cost of that screw-up, which is very, very common. Let me explain. A Misdiagnosed Patient The patient came in pointing at one spot at the…
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Can You Get Rid of a Cervical Disc Bulge with an Injection of Bone Marrow Stem Cells?

The holy grail of neck and back disc treatment is regrowing new discs by injecting something. However, so far, no clinical study to date has really confirmed that this is possible. Having said that, we’ve seen that injecting special stem cell types into low back discs can get rid of disc bulges. This morning I’d…
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Can You Inject Stem Cells up Someone’s Nose to Treat the Brain?

I’ve had a few patients e-mail and ask if they should have a doctor place stem cells up their nose to treat a brain injury. While we don’t treat neurologic diseases, like ALS, dementia, or MS, they trust our expertise. Hence, today I’ll tackle the issue of intranasal stem cell delivery. Brain Stem Cells: How…
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Another Teen Saved from Invasive ACL Surgery…

One of the real tragedies of our age is that we’re seeing younger and younger kids getting more and more invasive orthopedic surgeries. Why is that bad? Because we also see adults in their 30s with joint arthritis who were teens getting ACL surgery. Hence every teen we can save from this concerning teens and…
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Fake Clinical Trials in the Stem Cell Wild West?

It’s crazy out there; you’ve heard me say it time and time again. How crazy? We’ve had many clinics offering fake clinical trials for some time, but the increasing sophistication of these offerings has even caused me to do a double take. So this morning we’ll delve into what’s going on. What Is a Clinical…
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Sometimes It’s Tough Being a Good Doctor…

If you read this blog you know that I often write about what I experience. Yesterday I had two patients that in most other clinics would have been treated with stem cells, but not at our clinic. Let me explain. Purpose over Profit We’ve all interacted with professionals who seem to place their purpose over…
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