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ACL Surgery Is Not Cost Effective in New Study

As I have written before, ACL surgery is a sacred cow of modern surgical sports medicine. It is the single procedure that most defines the whole field. Despite that, the recent research on the procedure hasn’t been favorable. Now a recent study adds to that by showing that the way we use the procedure in…
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Happy Holidays!

The holidays were always a very special time in our house growing up and I have continued that tradition with my family. Because of the way things work out this year with my schedule, I’ll be taking this week off from blogging. Hence, I wanted to wish you and your family a very merry and…
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Is Omicron a Zombie Apocalypse or a Nothing Burger?

Omicron is all over the news right now. Most of the headlines are pretty scary as the media tracks how crazy fast this variant is spreading. However, what does the actual data tell us? Let’s dig in. Omicron Blogging? Are You Nuts? Omicron is a new COVID variant that can spread more rapidly and has…
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The Curious Case of the Bad Artificial Disc

I often write about what I experience day in and day out in the clinic. The case this morning is of a patient who had an Artificial Disc placed and developed new pain. After a few in-clinic x-rays, a problem with the disc was discovered. So let’s use this opportunity to review the concept of…
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My Elbow and Getting on Top of Early Arthritis

Several years ago I had a really bad fall onto my right wrist. Now my elbow hurts. Let’s learn why that is and how that intersects with staying on top of injuries and knowing when to have us intervene. Let’s dig in. My Elbow Story I’d love to tell you that I was screaming down…
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Just Move…

Does the amount we move reduce our risk of death? That’s a simple question that many studies have ventured to answer. A recent bit of research may make you glad you got a Fitbit for Christmas. Let’s dig in. What Is All-Cause Mortality? Researchers will typically use a metric that they describe as “all-cause mortality”.…
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Can a PRP Injection Help Your Knee Cartilage Health?

Can a PRP injection help your cartilage? While we’ve had some indications based on animal models that platelet-rich plasma probably helps improve the quality of cartilage, we have had no definitive human evidence. Now a new study using sophisticated MRI techniques adds to that evidence. Imaging and Measuring Cartilage How do we measure the quality…
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The Weak PRP Files: This Study Showed Good Clinical Results, But No Biomarker Changes

These past few weeks, we’ve seen what happens when academic physicians try to perform PRP studies. Their biggest mistake is often using very weakly concentrated blood that doesn’t meet the definition of PRP. This morning we’ll review a similar study that looked at knee arthritis biomarkers. Prior Weak or Fake PRP Studies As you now…
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