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Regenexx Interventional Orthopedics Articles

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Diabetes Impacts Knee Replacement Outcome

I’ve written a few times through the years about the single biggest preventable health factor that you can change which is type 2 diabetes. It’s a silent killer that impacts all aspects of your body’s functioning. Now, according to a new study, it also hurts your recovery from knee replacement. Let’s dig in. What Is…
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EMS Bio and BioLab Fluid Flow

If you’ve ever seen a Houdini movie you’ll know something immediately about a BioLab Fluid Flow sales seminar just put on by EMS Bio. It’s worth reviewing below just to see how they create an impossible escape from a place that’s dangerous, just like Harry Houdini did way back when. Let’s dig in. The World’s…
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VSELs – State of the Art Regen Med or Fairy Dust?

There has been a two-decade-long debate in Regenerative Medicine concerning tiny stem cells. I had largely forgotten about these Very Small Embryonic Like (VSEL) stem cells until a patient came into the clinic claiming that he had been treated with them. So what is this and why should we care? Let’s dig in. What Are…
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Regenexx To Offer Its Non-surgical Procedures to NBA China

We’ve helped a ton of athletes avoid more invasive orthopedic surgery by using their own platelets or stem cells and our highly specific image-guided procedures. Given that Regenexx is opening its second worldwide advanced practice site in Hainan, China soon, it’s also lined up to provide its procedures to the NBA China. Let’s dig in.…
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Really Interesting Video and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

I have a special interest and expertise in treating patients with Craniocervical Instability or CCI. Recently an upper cervical chiropractor sent me an interesting video of an even more interesting patient. So let’s dig in. The Upper Neck Bones As I wrote in my book on Craniocervical Instability, the C1-C2 joint is one of the…
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Minimally Invasive and Maximally Destructive

One of the things that I am increasingly uncomfortable with is the new and manifold ways my colleagues are finding to permanently destroy tissue using minimally invasive procedures. What I mean is that there is a trend to take destructive surgeries and turn them into procedures that can be performed by pain management physicians using…
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What Is Supershot PRP?

Can you isolate exosomes from blood and then enhance the PRP made from that same blood to make it better? This is the intriguing question behind a product calling itself Supershot PRP. Let’s dig in. What Is an Exosome? Before we get into understanding Supershot PRP, we need to review some basics. An exosome is a…
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Learning About the Stages of Healing: The Curious Case of My Wife’s Fracture and PRP

Months ago, my wife tripped over our dog and fractured her fibula. After 6 weeks in a cast, she had only a partially healed bone and continued epic swelling in the leg. Hence I decided to inject PRP and all of the swelling in the leg vanished within 12 hours. What can that teach us…
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