I’m Back, a Bum Knee, Another Paper Accepted for Publication, and TOBI

I’m back from my early summer sailing sabbatical, well-rested, and ready to go. As a result, I have a few topics to cover this Father’s Day. Let’s jump in.

On this trip, we made it from the northern west coast of Italy (the Genoa area) to Sardina. Along the way, we went down through Portofino, the island of Elba, Corsica, Bonifacio, and northeast Sardinia. We always try to get the kids in on the second half of this early summer trip, so for the last three weeks, I was a cruise director in the cruising grounds of southern Corsica and northern Sardina. During that time, we got my youngest son, the twins, and their significant others on board at different times. Above, you see purple jellyfish, my youngest son Ben servicing our dinghy outboard, the twins, me sticking my foldable bike in a shopping cart, and several boat shots. Finally, I had to drain my knee onboard, which I can thankfully do after draining countless patient knees through the years!

What’s up with my knee? As I have said, aging is a two-edged sword for doctors who do what I do. On the one hand, it’s always hard to see things breaking down here and there as we get older. On the other hand, what a great teaching experience for a doctor to be a patient. I did have two high-dose PRP shots before I left, which kept it good enough to continue high levels of daily activity, walking, hiking, and biking. However, it’s time for an MRI.

Regenexx’s final rotator cuff bone marrow concentrate rotator cuff tear injection paper was accepted for publication this past month and is now published. That’s the first two-year RCT published using BMC to treat rotator cuff tears, which is a big deal. That paper should be out in the next month, and when it’s published, I’ll share it. A big thanks to Matt Murphy, Ehren Dodson, and Dustin Berger for all of the hard work it takes to get this stuff done.

I will be lecturing at the annual TOBI orthobiologics conference and will be honored to accept the first iteration of the Greg Lutz, M.D. memorial award. That will be bittersweet, as I knew and admired Greg, who passed away this year. It’s hard to believe I’m getting old enough to know several luminaries the field lost this past year, which may bring this blog full circle. Meaning that the reason I began taking two 6-week sabbaticals was because I am getting to that age. While I still have much to contribute, it’s also time to begin to put it all in some perspective.

The upshot? I’m rested and ready to be back and continue blogging and making videos, working on research, trying to make orthobiologics the standard of care, being the CMO and founder at Regenexx, treating patients, and generally pushing rocks uphill!

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