Pittsburgh Man Finds Alternative to Surgery for His Chronic Knee Pain

  • Patient’s Name: Jim Joshowitz
  • Age/Age Group: 50
  • Body Part: knee
  • Top concern: knee pain
  • Treatment: Regenexx-SD, which uses bone marrow concentrate that contains stem cells
  • Doctor: John Pitts, MD, Centeno-Schultz Clinic

At just 50 years old, Jim’s knee pain was so bad he had to walk around with a cane. And his ability to do his job, which required him to frequently climb stairs and ladders, was severely limited. 

He went to an orthopedist, but he was determined to be too young to have a knee replacement. And he wouldn’t be considered a good candidate for years. Even after surgery, though, he’d never be able to do his job fully.

So Jim began to research alternative solutions. One day a coworker shared a video from Regenexx, but Jim thought the results seemed too good to be true. After doing some more digging into the company and prior patients, he determined it was worth scheduling an appointment to see for himself.

He met with John Pitts, MD, at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic, who determined the best course of action for Jim was to have the Regenexx-SD procedure done on his knee.

“I can climb on machines, I can look in the trucks, I can get on my hands and knees. I never thought, based on the advice I’d originally gotten, that I would ever be doing that again,” he says. “My daily routine is fully restored…. My life is just like it used to be.”

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