4 Year Knee Stem Cell Procedure Update: Our Amazing Patients

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One of the great things about pioneering interventional orthopedics is the amazing people we meet and have the privilege to treat. Right off the bat, our patients are brave individuals who take the initiative to figure out what’s best for their health and ignore doctors who tell them  surgery is their only option! They are moms and dads, grandparents, weekend warriors, CrossFitters, adventurers, business people, retired people, professional athletes, dancers, marathoners, cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, runners, academics, high school and college athletes, medical professionals, and designers, just to name a few. They’ve done their research and come from all walks of life from around the world and locally.

One of those amazing people the long-time readers of this blog might remember is Paul Lyon. Paul is an avid skier that was featured on a Seattle TV News story about his knee stem cell procedure four years ago. He was told by doctors that he needed a knee replacement as his knees had gotten to the point that simple things, like climbing stairs or getting up from kneeling, had become very difficult. He didn’t mind fixing things, he said, but he just didn’t feel comfortable with the notion of “replacing things.” He had friends who’d had knee replacements and they did well, but they were limited in what they could do because their knees had been replaced with metal or plastic. Paul traveled from the Seattle area to the Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Colorado for a Regenexx same-day knee stem cell procedure. Paul was actually biking the next day (which most patients should not try)! He was so happy with his results he decided to have his other knee treated, but not till after ski season, which for Paul included hiking five miles up Crystal Mountain and then skiing down with his son!

While the registry contacts patients on an ongoing basis, it’s always wonderful to hear directly from patients! Paul popped up on Facebook a few days ago:

“I believe use and support the use of prp. Had stem cell procedure done on both knees done 4 years ago at Regenexx. I had 2 separate orthopedic doctors prior to having stem cell procedure done said I need to replace both knees. I’m leaving Saturday for helicopter ski trip…. my knees are not perfect, put seldom any pain. I’m 70, plan on hitting 100, pretty sure I won’t need my knees replaced. Feel free to contact me about my experience.”

We asked how the helicopter skiing went and he replied:

“Fantastic…I was the oldest, next day, no pain at all…others, very sore. Thanks and Aloha”

The upshot? It’s great to hear how Paul is doing and to get a four-year update on his knee stem cell procedure! Given what we’ve seen, I think his goal of being active to 100 is on track, and, hopefully, he’ll get there with his own knees!

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21 thoughts on “4 Year Knee Stem Cell Procedure Update: Our Amazing Patients

  1. Pamela Coopwood

    How do I get started on this journey?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      The website is a wealth of information. Learning more about it there where you can sign up for webinars, request information, watch many actual treatment videos, as well on -demand webinars and patient videos is a good starting point. Pleasesee: http://www.regenexx.com. Across the top are categories, one of which is areas treated (Click on the area you need treatment for) and Locations, which is an interactive page to find the nearest regenexx provider. Then establishing Candidacy, in order to see if we can help. You can either submit the “Are You a Candidate” form on the website, or if you are local to any of the Regenexx Locations, you can establish Candidacy at the exam itself. You can also call 303 495 4014 for assistance or questions.

  2. d. kumar

    I am 72 and had injection of Amionatic fluids. It did not work. I paid from my pocket $ 2000.00.
    what do you think? how can I trust that stem cell will work. what is difference?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Dr. Kumar,

      Very sorry to hear that. Dr. Centeno has written extensively on that subject. Please see: https://regenexx.com/amniotic-stem-cells/ and https://regenexx.com/amniotic-stem-cells-great-deception/ and https://regenexx.com/stem-cell-factors/ and https://regenexx.com/amniotic-stem-cells/

  3. Barbara Handa

    Good to hear about this patient’s favorable
    results from the stem cell treatment and PRP
    What are the first steps in getting started in
    this process?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author


      Establishing Candidacy is the first step. You can either submit the “Are You a Candidate” form online, or if you are local to any of the Regenexx Locations, you can establish Candidacy at the exam itself. The website is a wealth of information. Please see: http://www.regenexx.com If we can be of any assistance, please let us know. Across the top of the website are categories, one of which is areas treated (Click on the area you need treatment for) and Locations, which is an interactive page to find the nearest regenexx provider. You can also call 303 495 4014 for assistance or questions.

  4. Jackie Newport

    I too, need a full knee replacement—-I fell down-which had nothing to do with my age.
    I do not feel comfortable ,with metal or plastic in the body and later the body might reject the foreign tools.
    I know that it has to be done now-it has been 2 years since I fell,no cartilage between the knee bones—too bad there was not an adhesive type solution to stick the bones together.
    Secondly,I do not want to go thru pain and therapy all over again for I had polio,when I was a child—for 1 and half years.in Toronto Sick Children Hospital .
    Yours Truly,
    Jackie Newport

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      I know it’s hard to believe, but the pain is likely not from structural things like the lack of cartilage. Please see: https://regenexx.com/blog/knee-arthritis-nerve-pain/ and https://regenexx.com/blog/osteoarthritis-pain-not-related-to-structure-again/ There could be many different things going on especially with a history of polio. If you’d like to see if we can help, please submit the Candidate form.

  5. Debra

    Did these patients have a stage 4 osteoarthritis!

    1. Regenexx Team Post author


      Our patients represent all stages of Osteoarthritis. The trick is matching the right treatment to the right issue.


    I love reading results like that! I have had the stem cell treatment to my right hip at your clinic…the post MRI shows after 6 month mark that hip is same or worse…I have a consult with another Ortho ….the 5 the one!… we will see what he says…the others recommended hip replacement.
    I really would love to avoid surgery…I am 69 yrs old, runner…10 marathons, many road races…etc etc…my weekends would be …Saturday …a neighborhood 5K, Sunday, 1/j2 Marathon in city, Monday …if it was holiday …30 mile bike ride along lake front…flat lander from Chicago…plenty of races around….
    I miss that so much , the pain has decreased but is still about 7 to 8…with increase if I try to run or cycle..I dont give up until I am 15 oe 20 minutes into the activity….thinking the pain would pass…..I have been doing Yoga,and gentle aerobics and weights at the Y…The HipRunners group …people with replacements and who still run….are an inspiration.
    But…I would rather not have surgery.
    any Ideas?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Hips are more difficult than knees as the both the joint and the progression is very different. Please see: https://regenexx.com/blog/new-research-knee-and-hip-oa-are-different/ We’d be glad to take another look to see if there is something that could be tweaked, or if the cultured procedure is likely to help. Joint replacement is irreversible, and should therefore be a last resort, but is sometimes needed. The concern here is that replacement protheses were not designed for the kind of activity you describe, and therefore revisions, which are more intensive surgery than the replacement are very commonly needed among the very active.

  7. Eileen Sargent

    My right knee has been through a lot, ( 5 knee surgeries in 2 years which include 2 TKR and one temporary knee), the last TKR was nearly one year ago and I am still struggling to do many simple things such as walking up and down stairs one tread at a time, and have pain. 20+ years ago I blew out my ACL on my left knee snow skiing, I am too afraid too get another knee replacement and would like to explore stem cell therapy. I am not sure where or who to go see about this, can you please help me? Thank you in advance!!
    Ps I live in the Atlanta GA area

    1. Regenexx Team Post author


      Hoping we can help chart a much easier course this time! Here’s information on how we treat knees. About halfway down is a on-demand knee webinar, which is very informative: https://regenexx.com/the-regenexx-procedures/knee-surgery-alternative/. A bit further down the page is a Knee-osteoarthritis video, and actual treatment videos. The first step would be to submit the candidate form, so one of our Physicians can see if you’d be a good candidate, and they’ll explain further from that point. Hoping for a great update on that left knee!

  8. Tamara Gillespie

    Always good to hear the success stories, though it would be helpful to know if he had the “minimum” number you look for etc.

    1. Regenexx Team Post author


      He did.

  9. Suzanne Mark

    Do you take Medicare?

    1. Regenexx Team Post author

      Unfortunately, Medicare, nor any type of Health Insurance covers stem cell procedures yet. Hoping for more a more patient-centric approach, but we will need to wait and see what changes, if any, come with the new healthcare plan.

  10. Linda Custodio

    I had an Army doctor schedule me for bilateral total knee replacement, was supposed to happen January of 2017. My son, an RN who has worked in rehab, pointed out that at 70 this might bring to an end a 30 year martial arts career, so I began looking for alternatives. In November of 2016 I had stem cell procedure done on my right knee at Columbia Pain Management in Hood River Oregon using Regenexx procedure.
    I am thrilled with the results. I just went back last week for the left knee and already that knee feels like I never had knee pain! Amazing! I expect to be sparring and running again by summer.
    My sister is now looking into your Pittsburgh affiliate for her hip, and my physical therapist has had me speak to a couple of his clients who are being told they need knee replacements. Thank you so much for being in the forefront of research on this.

  11. Esther Reinart

    I had both knees treated with my hip bone marrow and no one should write they have to have knee surgery. With 4.3 million stem cells, I was able to have both knees injected and after six months, I continue to be amazed that I still seem to be improving. My bent is line dancing and at 74, I’m enjoying it again. I was bone on bone, so to speak, and Dr. Baumgartner, at Rejuv Med. has me back to dancing at least 14 hours a week. Two to four hours, on any given day. I seldom have pain and if I ache, the compounded cream helps me get to sleep. It’s a miracle and I thank God for His creation and these great doctors that study, care and make out lives so much more enjoyable.

  12. Kathryn P

    Had both knees done 2/1/17…..AMAZING—( especially after being told no way around it that I need both knees replaced )pain minimal improvement everyday—Dr Sheinkop AWESOME DOC

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