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Julie’s Christmas Wish: The 2016 Update

I love the holidays. Christmas was always a special time at the Centeno household, a moment where the world revolved around the kids. So this Christmas Eve, I want to leave you with my favorite Regenexx video. Julie’s Christmas spirit is enough to get us all in the holiday mood! What Was Wrong with Julie?…
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The Passion of Chris Centeno

 This week I received an email from a longstanding patient who came across this article and couldn’t understand how it was that she had never seen it before.  She asked me to put it out there as she felt that it accurately portrayed not only what we do, but why.  It originally appeared in Orthopedics This…
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Tweeting from the DC Circuit

A week from today, if the government is still running, we will be squaring off with the FDA on whether cultured stem cells produced by a physician in his or her office for one unique patient are a drug or the practice of medicine. If you want a detailed account of this effort, I‘ve actually…
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Your Poop is a Drug, Claims the FDA

I hope your sitting down as you read this, but apparently, your poop is a drug.  You may not have heard of Fecal Microbiotia Therapy or FMT, but the patient’s whose lives have been saved by it are acutely aware of its efficacy. The beaming mother above used a transplant of her own healthy gut…
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Dr. Centeno Speaking at the Houston Stem Cell Summit in Two Weeks

Dr. Centeno will be presenting Regenexx-C stem cell data and discussing regulatory challenges at the Houston Stem Cell Summit in two weeks. This meeting should be interesting, as it’s a mix of physicians practicing medicine using stem cells and companies pursuing FDA approval for cells as drugs. If you’re in Houston or planning on being in that area, it should be…
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Wall Street Journal Op Ed Calls Out FDA’s Cell Regulation Nonsense

“Common sense is not so common”-Voltaire This spring, an important Wall Street Journal Op-ed by the ex-FDA commissioner called out the FDA for inhibiting progress by classifying our cultured Regenexx-C procedure a drug, pointing out the FDA’s cell regulation nonsense.  Yesterday morning the Wall Street Journal published a second op-ed on the cells=drugs issue and the FDAs…
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