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Too Much of a Good Thing?

My mother used to say, “everything in moderation”. This is what a new study seems to say about exercise. Can too much exercise be a problem for your body? Let’s dig in. How Much Should You Exercise? The current US physical activity guidelines state that (1): “Adults should do at least 150 minutes to 300…read more

How Do Various Types of Exercise Impact Your Telomeres? What the Heck Is a Telomere?

In finding your exercise groove, you have lots of options. That includes aerobic exercise, interval training, or lifting weights. Which one is best to counter aging? Let’s dig into a recent high-level study and also learn something about how your genes age. Types of Exercise One of the things you have to do, if you…read more

Helping the Active Aging Stay Active

One of the things we do at Regenexx is helping active people stay active as they age. This morning we’ll go over Mary’s story, an active woman who is now mountain biking despite multiple roadblocks placed in her way due to injuries and aging. Let’s dig in. The Orthopedic Surgery Dilemma Perhaps the best way…read more
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