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What Training Looks Like for Our Regenexx Network Physicians

Regenexx is a true medical network, and one thing that makes us quite different from the rest is not only how we train our physicians but how we continue to train them once they’ve become part of our network. So what training is required for our Regenexx Network physicians? It’s an extensive process that I…read more

Centeno-Schultz Clinic Doctors—John Pitts, MD: Practicing What He Preaches

Being a healthy person is about living a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis, and Dr. Pitts not only teaches and encourages this concept, he practices what he preaches. So what exactly does he preach? The implementation of lifestyle changes to improve your overall quality of life through avenues such as physical activity, diet, posture…read more

Why I Trust Our Regenexx Network Physicians

When Regenexx began offering orthopedic stem cell treatments in 2005, there was nobody else in the U.S. performing these procedures. Today there are lots of different choices. You see the ads online and through other media outlets. I’ve even seen billboard messages by doctors marketing their stem cell services. With so many stem cell clinics…read more

Meet Dr Markle of Regenexx

This morning I have another installment in our video series where you can get to know our Regenexx Providers. Dr Markle of our Colorado clinic got into interventional orthopedics through fitness. In addition, his desire to avoid the pitfalls of traditional medicine was another impetus. So enjoy meeting yet another fantastic Regenexx doctor!

Meet Dr Hyzy from Regenexx Colorado

This is another installment in our Meet the Providers series at Regenexx. The goal is to introduce each provider from the standpoint of what makes the provider tick and what caused him or her to get into regenerative medicine and interventional orthopedics. For Dr. Hyzy, that was being a national mountain-biking athlete. He, like many…read more

How to Find Good Stem Cell Treatment: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With the explosion in the number of doctors offering stem cell treatments, I’m sure you’ve wondered how to find a doctor that knows what they’re doing. This is a video of a talk I just gave at a stem cell conference in the Bahamas. In it I used five guidelines to define the good, the…read more

Regenexx Provider Dr. Movva: A Regenexx Patient Review

This Regenexx Patient Review turned up in my inbox this week amid the other 500 or so emails. We love hearing great news about our Regenexx Providers!  They are an incredibly select group of incredibly well trained doctors. This patient wanted to share his experience with our Regenexx Provider, Dr. Venkatesh Movva of The Pain and Sports Center…read more

Nice News Video on Iowa Regenexx Provider Dr. Michael D. Jackson

I think you’ll enjoy this KCCI8 News Video highlighting Dr. Michael D Jackson, our Iowa Regenexx Provider at Harbor View Medical in Des Moines, who is also a Regenexx patient himself. “Treating Knee Problems With Cutting Edge Therapy, No Surgery”, gives you an in depth look at the Regenexx process through the eyes of both the…read more
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