From Jail Cell to Stem Cell: The Next Con for the Ex-Con

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Way back in February of 2019, a documentary film-maker appeared at the IOF conference wanting to interview people about regenerative medicine. After a year and a half and a worldwide pandemic, his movie is out and it’s a must watch. Let’s dig in.

Doug Orchard

The film-maker was Doug Orchard, who has an interesting story. A decade and a half ago, Doug worked as a tech headhunter. He then got into physician recruiting and began making his own recruiting videos. That lead him to film-making, where amazingly, he is all self-taught. Initially, he took on small jobs in the medical and financial fields. Then he began to throw his hat in the ring on full-length documentaries and created several gems like:

His own journey in medicine and exposing fraud stems from his daughter’s congenital heart condition. I think that it was his desperation as a parent, seeing the hope that many bad actors throw out there that lead him to this topic. In talking with him while he interviewed me, he told me about his daughter’s plight and how he and his wife would have been one of the patients pulled in by the hype if he had not gotten involved in regenerative medicine and interviewed all of these experts.

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The New Movie

Doug showed up at the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation conference in February 2019 wanting to interview people about regenerative medicine. I and others had told Doug that if he wanted to see what legit orthobiologics looked like, that would be a good start. After interviewing 20 people or so, his travels took him to Paris France to meet with Phillipe Hernigou and even to the jungles of Panama to try to find a school that a bad actor had claimed she graduated from. He interviewed all sorts of experts from Lisa Fortier to Gerry Malanga to Jason Dragoo to Wayne McIlwraith. I also got interviewed.

Last year, five or six of the people he had interviewed for the movie were asked to see an early cut of the production before graphics or sound and I was one of those people. I had a long laundry list of suggested changes, being the opinionated person that I am. I even hated the title he wanted to use (which is the same today). Doug seems to have promptly ignored ALL OF THEM. Which is as it should be.

Why This One is Different

This space has seen its share of Docuseries on stem cells which end up being “Ra Ra” pieces promoting bad actors. Doug’s idea, through a series of contacts he made, was to peek under the covers of what was happening. He also wanted a real movie with an MPA rating, which is tough to get.

Doug’s movie introduced me to a bunch of people who I didn’t know existed. Social media influencers like the Bollingers and Erin Elizabeth (Health Nut News), who are on the side of trying to do what’s right in health education. There’s also Joe Mercola, who I know as a natural health blogger. Then you have others like Dan Pompa, who I had never seen before, and a long list of IMHO squirrely characters I knew like Brent Dedelitch, Jeff Hayes, and others who Doug uncovered as part of an extensive network of social media influencers and salespeople who have entered this space.

In this movie, Doug follows so many rabbit holes of fake stem cells and exosome products intertwined with a vast array of social media influencers that at times, it can be hard to conceptualize. However, he has masterfully woven it all together so it paints the same picture that I have often exposed here. We have a serious problem in this industry and much work to do if we want to get it cleaned up.

The upshot? I know that Doug spent way too long and way too much of his own money on this project and really extended himself financially. Also, there was obviously a pandemic in there. So please support this independent film-maker in yet another project where he lets the viewer see under the hood of what’s really happening in healthcare.

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6 thoughts on “From Jail Cell to Stem Cell: The Next Con for the Ex-Con

  1. Holly Hayz

    Brent D (a Chiro) from Florida is one of the worst ex-cons I have seen in this space. Being that he is also a Scientologist, this revenue stream aligns with that agenda. Nothing but a racket. And nothing about science.

  2. AL Wekelo

    That you so much for sharing this information, another valuable insight into what’s right and wrong about regenerative medicine.

  3. caroline shaw

    OMG! I just watched Jail Cell to Stem Cell. And I watched The Healing Miracle when it debuted. I was so intrigued that I shared the key highlights (I now know to be bogus) with family and friends who have come to rely on me to separate the truth from the BS. I had to watch The Healing Miracle a few times because of the conflicting messages, it’s legal…it’s not legal – not to mention the posse of chiro’s invading this space pitching the dream. I only know of 2 chiro’s practicing thei prifession, everyone else is hawking stuff. Jail Cell to Stem Cell confirmed my “spidy feelings” about Gentempo, Pompa, Jockers, Zielinski, Davidson, O’Brien, Watts, just to name a few chiro pitchmen who all seem to love booze as evidenced by all photo opps with wine bottles abounding suggesting wealth and expertise?? Thank you for providing legitmacy to the stem cell convo.

  4. Fain Zimmerman

    I was also totally taken in my “The Healing Miracle” and shared it with family & friends. I told one doctor about it, and he told me “They are paid actors.” I did not believe him then but I found out is was true! About a year later, they ran that docu-series again! I tried to warn the web site that was sponsoring it, as I thought they didn’t know. They ignored me and ran it once more. At the end, the sell the whole series on CDs for around $2-300.00! That is where they make their money!

  5. Gerard A Malanga

    Congratulations Doug on getting this done ! Your thorough investigation of the various “bad actors” aka criminals is impressive.
    I know this will be viewed and we’ll appreciated by many. Many accolades and awards are likely coming your way !

  6. Patrice

    Something didn’t sit right with me about a lot of these so called doctors. I’ve been around long enough to know how these snake oil people are. I found this documentary in the comments on on an eye opening article about a group that calls themselves Mindshare Collaborative and have been looking up all of these people. I came across your blog and this is all the same people. There is a conference they have called Mindshare Summit where it looks like they conspire together.

    If you haven’t read about what this group is doing you really should. You should work with this writer to expose them because she is very thorough like you. Bless Doug for doing all he can to stop these phonies!

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