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Knee Stem Cells? Is This a Thing? George’s Story

What’s the deal with knee stem cells and does this procedure work long-term? George is a patient with severe knee arthritis from way back who reached out to report what he experienced after having his own stem cells injected into his knee. Let’s review. Types of Stem Cell Treatments There are lots of different types…read more

Almost 2 Year Follow-up on Knee Stem Cells for a Physician with Knee Arthritis

I’ve blogged before on AL’s knee arthritis and his experience with knee stem cells. To review, in medical school he had his medial knee meniscus totally removed on both sides and now has severe arthritis and ACL tears. He was told he was a knee replacement candidate, but being a physician, he also knew this likely…read more

Knee Stem Cells and Skiing and Hiking the Highland Bowl in Aspen

Knee Stem Cells and Skiing and Hiking make a good combination.  We treat many patients who want to be as active as possible as they age without having to get their joints replaced or major surgery. DW is a 59 year old patient who is a huge propoent of “hot yoga” and frankly could pass for…read more

Knee Stem Cells Help a Snowshoer from Chicago

Knee Stem cell update:  This is a recent testimonial from a patient in Chicago whose knee was treated with the Regenexx stem cell procedure by Dr. Sheinkop: “Dr. Sheinkop,  I had pain with each step I took. I tried cortisone, Synvisc, Voltarin, with little to no relief. I researched all available surgeries and felt uneasy about…read more

Knee Stem Cell Injections help a Mountaineer/Photographer return to Chasing Ice

Can knee stem cell injections keep a professional mountaineer who needs a knee replacement stay in the field without major surgery? Jim Balog is the kind of unique and gifted person you can meet in the unique city of Boulder, Colorado. He’s a mountaineer who also happened to be a photographer who used those two…read more

Holy %$#!, Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis help Bow Hunter bring Down Really Big and Scary Bear!

Can stem cells for knee arthritis help a hunter get back to taking down big game? Jeb is a 54 year old first seen by us in March of 2010 with a history of 15-20 years of right knee pain. He had several knee surgeries (4 in total) where they removed pieces of his meniscus…read more

Knee Stem Cells help Woman Return to Hiking the Grand Tetons

Can knee stem cells get your knees back in shape for the trail? LN is a 60 year old woman who was first seen by Dr. Hanson in May of 2010 with a two year history of left and a 10 year history of right knee pain. Her pain was worse with walking, stairs, water aerobics, and spinning…read more

A Two Year plus Report of Knee Stem Cells in an Avid Skier

PD is a 57 year old woman first seen by our clinic in February of 2009 for a one year history of knee pain on both sides. She had a right knee arthroscopic surgery in the 1980’s and her recent MRI showed almost complete loss of cartilage under the knee cap. The outside meniscus of that right…read more
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