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Craniocervical Instability Measurements

Did you know that some people have problems with the ligaments that hold their head on? These patients often become like a pinball in the great arcade game of medical specialists, going from one to the other without a diagnosis. They can sometimes find a diagnosis if they meet a doctor who knows which tests…
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Stem Cell Institute of America Brochure Review

It’s been a while since I have blogged on the Stem Cell Institute of America. Mostly because I haven’t been seeing as much, but I get sent stuff all the time and this past week I was sent one of their brochures. It was so inaccurate that I thought it was worth a blog all…
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Knee MCL Surgery? Not for this Avid Biker…

If you read this blog, you know that every once in a while I’ll write about an interesting patient result. While I see patients every day who are doing well and avoiding surgery, I also want to make sure that the patients I chose to write about have something unique and newsworthy. This is the…
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Kneecap Arthritis Stem Cell Injection: Level 3 Orthobiologics Injection Knowledge

Yesterday I wrote about a way to determine how sophisticated your doctor is or isn’t in using things like platelets and stem cells. I showed you a simple level 2 issue that I had to correct before treating a patient’s knee with stem cells. Today we’ll cover a level 3 technique. All of this is…
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What is Level 2 Orthobiologics Injection Knowledge?

I’m down in Grand Cayman and yesterday I had a patient with a common problem that can mess up the result of an orthobiologic therapy. However, most physicians who just took a weekend course would have missed this as a problem and would not have corrected it. Let’s discuss this as a great way to…
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Southern Stem Cell Institute Review

I see all sorts of crazy stuff on stem cells all over the Internet. As the first physician on the planet to perform many of these injection-based, orthopedic stem cell procedures, what I see disturbs me greatly. However, I have to admit that I have become so used to seeing this stuff that I ignore…
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Inside Ankle Collapse: Why is This Happening and What To Do…

I both love and hate getting older. The one part of getting older I do like is that I get to experience on a first-hand basis all of the stuff my patients present with. There is no better way to hone your skills than seeing it all happen in yourself. Up this week is my…
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Blogging From the Caymans Again…

Here I am again, as I am three times a year, down in beautiful Grand Cayman. Why? Because the licensed culture expansion site here allows me to use more advanced stem cell care in some of my patients. PRP vs. Stem Cells About 90% of what I prescribe for the patients I see is a…
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