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My New Shoulder Book!

I’ve written a number of books on how regenerative medicine, in the right highly trained hands, disrupts the world of orthopedic surgery. My newest book is now out, focused on how patients with shoulder pain can avoid invasive surgery. Let’s dig in… Renee Calliet While I was in medical school and residency, I was enamored…
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Neck Pain And Dizziness: The Inner Ear Is Only Part Of The Picture

Did you know that your neck can make you dizzy? Most patients don’t know that dizziness also known as cervical vertigo and neck pain can be connected, and many physicians miss this diagnosis.[1] Why? Both patients and doctors think inner ear or brain when dizziness occurs. However, when the neck component of our balance system…
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Chronic Tennis Elbow? What Causes It and How Is It Treated?

Chronic Tennis Elbow Chronic tennis elbow pain can be disabling. You go to open a door or shake a hand and you’re in extreme pain. So what do you do when medication, braces, or physical therapy doesn’t work? What is Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondylitis. This means that the forearm muscle…
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Why Your Head Feels Heavy-Weak Upper Neck Muscles May Also Be Causing Your Headaches

Why Your Head Feels Heavy? We can picture the head as a bowling ball balanced on the end of a stick (the spine). There are muscles at the top of the neck as well as in the front and back which help hold the bowling ball on the stick. When the natural curve in the…
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Are Your Cartilage Proteins Salamander Like?

There has been a very active focus on cartilage repair for decades. We see studies published all the time about this or that new stem cell or protein-mediated cartilage repair. Throw in the hype added by university PR departments and you would think that we should be handing out 100 Nobel prizes each year instead…
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West Coast RegenMed Review

If you read this blog, you know that I often write about what people send me. Recently a former patient left a comment about a new clinic in his area called “West Coast RegenMed” because they claimed to use “umbilical cord stem cells”. However, as I dug deeper, it was clear that this story was…
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Invitrx Therapeutics: This FDA Report Scares the Snot Out of Me

Let’s face it, when a doctor uses live umbilical cord or amniotic products, he or she adds risk to the treatment equation compared to using the patient’s own tissues. Just how much risk is illustrated by a recently released FDA 483 inspection report on Invitrx Therapeutics. This report will give pause to any patient considering…
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Should You Get an Ankle Fusion?

Do you need an ankle fusion surgery? Ankle fusion has become a common surgical solution for ankle arthritis, but it’s obviously a big surgery with lots of things to consider before pulling the trigger. Let’s dig in. What Does Fusing the Ankle Mean? First, ankle fusions are typically performed for patients who have moderate to…
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