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Julie’s Christmas Wish: The 2016 Update

I love the holidays. Christmas was always a special time at the Centeno household, a moment where the world revolved around the kids. So this Christmas Eve, I want to leave you with my favorite Regenexx video. Julie’s Christmas spirit is enough to get us all in the holiday mood! What Was Wrong with Julie?…
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New Patient Outcome App: We’re Upping Our Own Game

We’ve always published our outcomes. What’s bizarre is that few other clinics have followed suit. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing this work longer than any other clinic. Now we’re upping our game again with a level of transparency that doesn’t exist for any other stem cell clinic—real-time outcomes that patients can access online. Outcomes and…
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Knee Osteonecrosis Alternatives: Can a Precise Injection Rescue Dying Bone?

Are there viable knee osteonecrosis alternatives outside of joint replacement? Avascular necrosis a.k.a. osteonecrosis is a horrible disease of the bone where the structure often collapses. Having said that, we’ve successfully treated many cases by using a minimally invasive method to place the patient’s own stem cells into the area of dying bone. I’d like…
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Managing an Arthritic Hip with Stem Cells Over the Long Haul

Can we manage severe hip arthritis with  hip stem cell injections? CM is a 52 year old woman who presented to our clinic in 2008 with fairly severe hip arthritis (most of the hip cartilage gone, but not “bone on bone”). She was very active and noted a significant decrease in hip range of motion…
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Stem Cells for Hip Osteonecrosis-Mexican Style: Ole?

Why are we so finicky about candidacy grading? As you may know, we insist on giving every patient an honest assessment of their candidacy grading-Good, Fair, or Poor. Being a good candidate doesn’t guarantee the procedure will work just like being a poor candidate doesn’t guarantee it will fail. However, given all the patients we’ve treated through the years, the patient…
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Our Patients Speak about their Regenexx Stem Cell Experience

On a recent discussion board, someone posted a question about whether the Regenexx stem cell procedure was for real. Well our patients seem to have jumped on to answer the question. What we do isn’t magic. Some patients respond and some don’t respond. However, we’re thrilled as physicians to see this group of patients tell…
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Hip AVN Stem Cell Alternative

Hip AVN stem cell treatment has been science fiction for many patients but we here at the Centeno-Schultz clinic have been pioneering this advanced procedure for years. RA is a patient that has benefited from an injection of his own stem cells which helped him to dodge the hip replacement bullet. He is now 58 years old seen…
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A Two Year plus Report of Knee Stem Cells in an Avid Skier

PD is a 57 year old woman first seen by our clinic in February of 2009 for a one year history of knee pain on both sides. She had a right knee arthroscopic surgery in the 1980’s and her recent MRI showed almost complete loss of cartilage under the knee cap. The outside meniscus of that right…
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