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Regenexx New Year’s Day Contest…Find Dr. Centeno!

To start 2017 off with a Bang, we’re offering $500 off a Colorado procedure, to the first person to find Dr. Centeno in the Orange Bowl crowd! Dr. Centeno and his son made it on national TV in several shots of the fans at the Orange Bowl. The first person to find him in this Gigapixel…read more

#SatStats-How Many Cases Are We Tracking In The Regenexx Stem Cell Registry?

It’s #SatStats again! This is when we involve our patients in our research by having them guess a recent fun fact from our lab or clinical studies. Today’s guess is about how many stem cell patients we’re tracking in our advanced registry as of this Monday. First, what the heck is a stem cell registry??…read more

#SatStats: What Percentage of the World’s Orthopedic Stem Cell Research Literature Has Regenexx Published?

Its #SatStats again, a time when we get our viewers involved in our research. This past week we had another peer reviewed publication accepted, this time on data from our registry on hip arthritis patients. With this publication, we add to the number of patients we’ve treated relative to the number that have been published…read more

#SatStats! Guess Our Research Results and Win!

It’s #SatStats, our Regenexx Research Results Contest again, and this week the research question is about our advanced registry. Unlike everyone else in this space, we’ve tracked our patient results using standardized questionnaires in a registry for many years. This week’s question is therefore about that outcome data. The winner will get a free 3 month’s…read more

Stat Sats…Engaging You in Our Research!

A Regenexx Stem Cell Research Contest…Be Part of the Process of Discovery As I’ve often blogged, Regenexx is different. From a 30,000 foot view, the rapid adoption of stem cells to treat a variety of problems is still in what I call the “Fantasy Stage”, while Regenexx has long since moved into what I call…read more

Win $2,500 Towards any Regenexx Procedure by Guessing the Outcome of a Critical Orthopedic Stem Cell Research Project

“There are lies, damn lies, and statistics…”                                                          -Mark Twain At Regenexx, unlike everyone else offering stem cells, we perform the back-end basic research to improve what we…read more
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