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Are Eggs Really Bad for Us…Again?

Eggs are nature’s power food. They have gobs of protein and macronutrients. However, they have also been at the “heart” of the great twentieth-century cholesterol scam. Despite recent research showing no connections between eating eggs and heart disease risk, new research just added a little more sizzle to this frying pan of controversy. Let me…
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Losing Weight May Slow the Progression of Knee Arthritis

If being overweight can cause arthritis, does losing weight help? Turns out that carrying extra pounds causes more than just more force on the knees. It also impacts a variety of other arthritis-causing mechanisms. The Close Relationship Between Obesity and Knee Arthritis Obesity and knee arthritis seem to go hand in hand. While there are…
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Does an Organic Diet Lower the Risk of Cancer?

I shop at Whole Foods and live in one of the natural-foods capitals of Planet Earth, Boulder, Colorado. The idea that eating organic is healthier for you is just accepted as fact, but do we really know that’s true? This morning I’ll review a new study that weighs in on the idea. The Benefits of…
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The Higher Your Genetic Risk for Obesity, the Greater Your Benefits of a Healthy Diet

If you have the genes that code for risk of obesity and you’re over 35, you know it. You’ve likely struggled with your weight for a while and you just seem to have to work harder than the next guy or gal to keep it off. Now, new research shows that you may be the…
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Fasting and Your Health: The Amazing Doug Orchard

If you’re like most of us, you’ve just woken up this morning after a feeding frenzy followed by a winter food coma. These holiday food celebrations have been going on for thousands of years. The Romans had Saturnalia, the Norse had the Yule celebration, and when Constantine made Christianity the state religion of the world’s most…
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Can Cinnamon Really Help You Lose Weight?

I love cinnamon. It adds sweetness without calories or sugar. There’s also been quite a bit of research showing that it may help stabilize blood sugar levels. Now there’s new research about cinnamon and weight loss. Cinnamon: A Timeless Spice Cinnamon comes from the bark of an ancient tree and originated in Ceylon (now Sri…
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Key to Controlling Diabetes Could Be in Your Gut Bacteria

Colon health is a hot topic these days. We hear a lot about nurturing our colon’s good bacteria, through things like a healthy diet and probiotics, which helps keep the bad bacteria in check. The intestinal wall actually houses the cells that make up the majority of our immune system. So with bacteria (good and…
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Metformin: What Does Your Gut Microbiome Have to Do with Blood Sugar?

Many type-2 diabetics and prediabetics take the common medication metformin to help control their blood-sugar levels. Discovered nearly a hundred years ago, metformin has been prescribed in the United States since 1995 and is currently billed as the most common oral medication for type-2 diabetes. While we know that metformin decreases the production of glucose…
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