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New Knee and Hip Replacement Infographic

Over the years we’ve unearthed some great studies that show that knee and hip replacement isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. All of this began as a way to show patients what I see in the clinic—a combination of both satisfied and dissatisfied patients who have had their knee or hip replaced. Many…
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Our Annual Stem Cell Research in Orthopedics Update—2016 Edition

Every year for the last few, I’ve created an infographic summarizing the stem cell research in orthopedics. Every year, the list gets bigger and the number of patient results represented grows. This year is no different! How Is This Created? I searched the US National Library of Medicine under several search terms around bone marrow…
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My Knee Hurts! Orthopedics 2.0 Can Help You Figure Out Why…

Is “My knee hurts!” something you find yourself thinking daily?  Medical care for your bones, joints, nerves, and muscles—what I call the neuromusculoskeletal (NMSK) system has always been fragmented and as a result, not nearly as good as it could be. Many years ago I wrote a book called Orthopedics 2.0 to try and help patients…
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Fall 2015 Pain and Function Data for Regenexx SD Knee Patients

We are continuing the release this week of the fall 2015 registry data, here’s the 2015 Pain and Function Data for Regenexx SD Knee Patients. This means that the Numeric Pain Scale (NPS 1-10) was used as well as a LEFS (Lower Extremity Functional Scale) questionnaire. These are both research validated ways to collect improvement data…
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Knee Stem Cell Research: 2015 Regenexx-SD Data

Knee stem cell research is still sparse in 2015. We’ve been collecting registry data for the last decade on the various stem cell procedures we offer. You would have thought that by now that we would have seen many other clinics and provider networks transparently publishing their data on knee stem cell injections. However, every…
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How Much Human Stem Cell Research is There?

Every year or so I summarize all of the human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell research in orthopedics. At first this exercise began to answer the simple question of how much research do we have using real patients? Is it a lot or a little? After all, many in the scientific community would continuously complain…
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Fat vs Bone Marrow Stem Cells for Arthritis?

Way back in 2011, before most physicians had heard of stem cells, I sat down to look at the medical research on the comparisons of fat vs bone marrow stem cells for cartilage repair. These past several weeks, I’ve had a few doctors who have been trained at weekend stem cell courses ask me to send…
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Should You Treat One or Both Arthritic Knees with Stem Cells?

There’s little published data on the use of a same day stem cell treatment for knee arthritis. What is published on knee arthritis stem cell therapy is focused on small numbers of patients with outcome measures-i.e. did this small number of patients report that they got better or not? I recently found amusing one adipose based stem…
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