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How to Tell if Knee Arthritis X-rays After Chiropractic Stem Cell Therapy Are Fake

One of the big selling points of many chiropractic clinic seminars on “stem cell” therapy is that the therapy will regrow cartilage in severe knee arthritis. This is interesting, as the clinics are actually using dead stem cells, and no expert in this area I have spoken to has ever seen this occur in any…
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Don’t Become an Amniotic “Stem Cell” Victim

Is amniotic stem cell therapy, offered by physicians or chiropractors, for real, or is it a scam? To determine what it is and what it isn’t, let’s break it down in an Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Review. I’ve discussed the great amniotic “stem cell” deception here many times over the years. The basic idea is…
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Are Fat Injections in Knee Joints Stem Cell Procedures?

Physicians today, at a minimum, need to be able to define what a stem cell procedure really is and need to be able to assure their patients that their stem cell procedure likely works through the action of stem cells. Unfortunately, either unknowingly or deceptively, there are many procedures being performed that are called stem…
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Why Middle Aged People Should Ignore Cartilage Loss and Meniscus Tears

The orthopedic community is being turned on it’s head right now. For example, while we have physicians who almost universally agree that cartilage loss in the knee causes pain and/or that a meniscus tear also causes pain, the recent research isn’t cooperating. This blog will be a little more steeped in medical jargon than most,…
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Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy The Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Injection Two Step…

I’ve blogged quite a bit on amniotic stem cell injections this past few months because this is such a hot topic. There are clinics popping up all over the place claiming to be performing amniotic stem cell therapy. In the past few years, a new product entered the market, amniotic fluid, with the physicians using…
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The Fat Stem Cell Bait and Switch?

This past week I received a communication from a medical provider asking about the regulatory status of his “fat stem cell therapy”. While what he was doing wasn’t the production of a drug in this country, he also wasn’t using a stem cell therapy. He was shocked, as a sales rep had sold him a…
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Checking the Facts about Fat Stem Cell Therapies: Breaking Down the Slick Marketing

The Facts About Fat Stem Cell Therapies… A Regenexx Network physician recently sent me marketing materials from a fat stem cell company that were being sent to him by a patient. The patient has severe hip arthritis and based on his history is frankly unlikely to respond to any stem cell based treatment. I read…
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Shining a Light on Fat Stem Cells

STEM CELL MYTHBUSTERS One of the more popular stem cell kits being sold to doctors to treat knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle arthritis is a fat stem cells light kit which uses a light to “activate” fat stem cells. The doctor takes a fat sample from the abdomen or the thigh and places that in…
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