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The Regenexx-C Procedure 11 Years Down the Road

Blog readers, as you know, these days I tend to only blog on those results that surprise me. I see patients every day that are doing great who have compelling stories about how they avoided big surgeries, but there’s so much to cover on the blog that unless something really sticks out, it doesn’t make…
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A Look into the Future…Knee Arthritis Treatment 2027

This week, a woman we treated six years ago in Grand Cayman with her own culture-expanded MSCs was seen back at the Colorado clinic. Before I talk about her result, I thought this morning that while we’re sitting here in 2018, this blog is really about what will be all the rage in the late…
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What’s Possible with Stem Cell Cartilage Regrowth?

As you may have read some time ago, I got to experience what a cartilage lesion can be like in a young person when my son was 14. On a separate note, yesterday, I looked at the before and after MRIs of a twentysomething we had treated and at the same time got a video of…
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Running on Pins and Needles: Cartilage Holes in My 17-Year-Old

Several years ago, my oldest son began reporting knee pain and limping. That began a long ordeal that finally ended yesterday. Let me explain. My Son’s Knees My oldest son is named after my father. He was a premature twin that weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces and came home from the hospital on oxygen. Hence,…
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A Maximally Damaged Ankle and Surprising Results

When I first met Don and he showed me his ankle, I think I said or thought, “Wow!” It was twice as big as his other ankle due to the surgical free flaps, and his MRI looked like a bomb had gone off in his talus bone. When we discussed whether stem cells could help,…
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Dr Axe on the Advanced Stem Cell Site in Grand Cayman

Dr. Axe runs one of the Internet’s top health and fitness websites with his wife, Chelsea. Both are heavily into diet and natural remedies as well as ways to help people get into and stay in shape. Like all athletes, the wear and tear accumulate through the years, and eventually it catches up. Being health providers,…
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Culture Expanded Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis

I evaluated an interesting patient down at our Cayman Islands advanced stem cell practice site recently in that his MRI changes were fascinating. While I see patients every day who are improving and have great stories, many times I just don’t have the time to write up what’s happening. However, every once in a while,…
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How to Read a Low Back MRI Report : What Type of Disc Problem Do You Have?

I find that one of the most confusing things for patients learning how to read a low back MRI report is understanding that there are different types of disc problems that each require a different therapeutic approach. So without understanding their type of disc issue, there is no way to understand which of the newer…
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