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Why Is My Arm Throbbing?

Have you ever asked, “Why is my arm throbbing?” Does your arm feel tight, and can you see the pulsations, little areas that jump around randomly, sometimes? You might be convinced that you must have an arm problem. But most likely this issue is being driven by the nerves in your neck. When those nerves…read more

Why Is My Arm Throbbing?

In this article: What’s causing the throbbing or pulsing The referred-pain phenomenon Examination and treatment Does your arm feel tight? Do you sometimes see pulsations or little areas that jump around randomly? Although you might think that you have a muscle twitch, it’s most likely caused by the nerves in your neck. When those nerves…read more

Regenerating a Radial Nerve Injury with Injections?

This is a guest blog post by Dr. Jamil Bashir, who wrote up the same radial nerve injury patient that I did. I thought it would be great to get his take as the treating physician: Regenerating a Radial Nerve Injury In many ways our bodies are like machines.  Complex organisms that enable us to…read more

Our New Radial Nerve Treatments Continue to Impress

As our success with treating nerve injuries using our third and fourth generation platelet lysate improves, we’ve been treating more and more patients with nerve injuries. Today we highlight Greg’s radial nerve treatment story. Greg is a 58 year-old, who in May of last year sustained a fracture to the humerus bone in his arm. The screw from one…read more

Nerve Regeneration – The Future Doesn’t Involve Surgery

Regenexx first began treating injured nerves using orthobiologics delivered via ultrasound guidance in 2012. However, the concept that a precise injection can help nerve regeneration was so revolutionary that we were reluctant to really shout it from the roof tops until we had enough experience under our belt to be sure that it was working. After a few years of…read more

Pain in Side of the Neck and Head? Meet the Superficial Cervical Plexus

Many times pain in side of the neck and head is due to injured joints in the upper neck known as facets. However, sometimes it can also be due to a little known neck nerve that supplies these areas. Given that the nerve goes to some very specific places, if your distribution of pain looks…read more

Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I was performing a carpal tunnel hydrodissection yesterday using an ultra high resolution ultrasound trying to help a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome avoid carpal tunnel surgery when I thought to myself, this is pretty cool. I have a 1 inch tiny needle, the smallest caliber made in the US and I’m injecting our 3rd…read more

New Video on Back and Neck Stem Cell Treatments…

The issue of stem cells and disc problems is a complex one that often gets simplified by doctors advertising stem cell spine treatments into: “stem cells are magic fairy dust to be sprinkled on the spine to cure even severe degenerative disc disease”. The truth however, is much more complex than this simple message. Based…read more
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