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Stem Cell Aging: Young Blood Makes Old Mice Young Again

Stem cell aging has been a hot research topic for years. I’ve blogged before on how old stem cells are rejuvenated by being exposed to the stuff of youth (a young tissue). Now a multi-university research team has shown through multiple experiments over many years that exposing old mice to the blood of young mice…
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Find Your Own MUSE: What Are MUSE Stem Cells?

What are MUSE stem cells and why should you care? After all, you’ve heard of embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells, so why should we all be excited about a whole new class of stem cells? Because MUSE stem cells are special and along with the adult stem cells we’ve known about. they help…
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Acupuncture and Stem Cells? Surprisingly there is Research…

I’ve never put the two together-acupuncture and stem cells. After all, one is an ancient eastern tradition that’s been marginalized into the category of western alternative medicine and the other is state of the art scientific research pushing the boundaries of traditional western medicine. I actually chanced upon this topic while looking for something else…
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Fat Stem Cell Therapy: The Impacts of Aging, Disease, and Weight on Cells

Fat stem cell therapy continues to explode, with literally 20 new clinics popping up every week. I blogged awhile back that fat stem cells taken from overweight patients are not as potent as fat taken from thinner patients. Three new studies published this past few months add to that discussion. The focus of the recent…
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Stem Cell Therapy Review Journal: Where You Get Your Stem Cells Matters

A doctor discusses why the source of stem cell matters for the outcome of stem cell therapy.
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