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How to Tell if Knee Arthritis X-rays After Chiropractic Stem Cell Therapy Are Fake

One of the big selling points of many chiropractic clinic seminars on “stem cell” therapy is that the therapy will regrow cartilage in severe knee arthritis. This is interesting, as the clinics are actually using dead stem cells, and no expert in this area I have spoken to has ever seen this occur in any…
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Knee Stem Cell X-ray Results: Watch Me Grow New Cartilage in Seconds!

Chiropractic offices offering dead stem cell procedures have been advertising before and after X-rays purporting to show that there is copious new cartilage regrowth in arthritic knees. To the uninitiated, these X-rays look amazing, but is this true, or like the idea that these are actual stem cell injections, is it a scam? Well, I…
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Hip Arthritis X-Ray Not Associated with Pain?

I love studies that question our belief systems in orthopedics, and this new one is a doozy. Several years ago, orthopedic guidelines shifted from requiring a knee or hip MRI to recommend a knee or hip replacement to just requiring X-rays. Now, a new study questions whether that’s a smart idea. Basically, it didn’t find an…
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What Is a Flexion-Extension X-Ray?

On this page: What is spinal instability? Can instability be seen on an x-ray or MRI? What is a flexion-extension x-ray? The problem with flexion-extension x-rays How to make sure your test is worthwhile Back and neck pain patients and doctors are often confused by the idea of instability in the spine. From the patient’s…
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Explain My Knee Arthritis X-ray: The Urban Myth…

This weekend I was doing some U.S. National of Library Medicine research for an advanced lab project and came across some great papers and graphs on knee arthritis. Most patients come into my office with an imaging study in hand, believing that it is very important in their quest for less knee pain. As I’ve…
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My Hip X-ray is Bad so this Means I Need My Hip Replaced, Right? Not So Much…

Almost all patients and many physicians still treat x-ray and MRI images like the Oracle of Delphi, yet study after study continues to show that there isn’t great correlation between what we see on these images and pain. The most recent entry in this debate was just published last month and it shows how few…
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Largest Knee Arthritis X-ray Study Shows Bone Spurs Predict need for Knee Replacement-Maybe…

In our practice we call knee replacement the surgical amputation of the knee joint with insertion of a prosthesis. Why? It’s a very big surgery with a 1 in 10 chance of serious, life changing complications; and a very good reason for a good knee replacement alternative.  In 2008 alone, there were 17,500 huge complications (including 5,000…
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Shoulder X-ray Findings not Related to Pain-No Surprises Here

A doctor discusses why bone spurs, arthritis, or lost cartilage on an x-ray or MRI might not explain why your shoulder hurts.
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